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1997 Pingus

By Pingus

1997 Pingus from Pingus, Ribera del Duero

Every once in a while, vintage comes along that remarkably stands out in the lineage of a prestigious wine producer. The 1997 Pingus from Pingus happens to be one such emblematic fulcrum in the history of Spanish wine - a testament to the magical transformation of carefully nurtured Tempranillo grapes into an oenological raconteur, exemplifying what extreme talent coupled with meticulous vineyard management can truly accomplish.


An investable journey of senses

The 1997 Pingus provides all the exquisite hallmark expressions of Ribera del Duero’s terroir, yet eclipses into an eclipse that posses a distinct personality of its own. Its opulently-layered aromatic profile bursts open with fragrant floral notes, ripe red fruit nuances and hints of sweet spice, leather and earthiness subtly interwoven.

Once graced by its entry on the palate, it unabashedly reveals its harmonious duality - the luxurious breadth of ripe cherries and blackberries elegantly counterpoised by savoury undertones, leading to an alluringly complex finish that leaves an indelible imprint on the palate. This transcendent tête-à-tête between power and poise well reflects upon the exceptional vintage conditions of '97.


The year that gave us this gem

1997 saw admirable weather conditions for the Ribera del Duero region. An optimal balance of rainfall with sun-soaked days provided excellent ripening season for the Tempranillo vines. This perfect climatic symphony paved the way for creating one of the most recognized vintages -the 1997 Pingus.

The culmination is an incredibly persistent wine that manages to be simultaneously powerful yet sensationally silky, resulting in a praiseworthy expression of the Ribera terroir. Its extraordinary aging potential makes it an unmissable proposition for wine investors.

The 1997 Pingus from Pingus is much more than just a wine—it’s a tale of its vintage year, whispered through the intricate symphony of fragrant nuances and alluring flavours, making it one of the most enticing chapters in Spanish wine lore.

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