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1999 Pingus

By Pingus

1999 Pingus from Pingus, Ribera del Duero, Spain

Perched prominently on Ribera del Duero's wine throne is the 1999 Pingus from Pingus, a floral and generously-structured expression of pure Spanish enchantment, outstanding in a body of other remarkable vintages.


The Blossoming of an Extraordinary Terroir

The magic of this upstanding vintage lays its roots in a year blessed by favourable weather conditions. In 1999, Ribera del Duero received much-needed rainfall and warm summer days which led to a harmonious balance, coaxing the grapes into a juicy ripeness packed full of layered flavours.

This virtuous climate paved way for the 1999 Pingus’s distinguishing qualities—a charming symphony of ripe blackberry, plum and hints of luscious oak undertones suggestive of vanilla and spice.


Investment-worthy Integrity

Echoing its undeniably remarkable terroir, the 1999 Pingus exhibits an erudite complexity on the palate, declaring its boldness without overshadowing the subtler notes that add to its overall appeal as an investment touchstone.

Indeed, part of the allure in investing in this Spanish gem lies in its impressive aging potential, heralded by firm tannic structure and a well-stitched panorama of aromas that make every tasting a whirlwind on the senses. It remains secure in its exceptional ability to mature beyond expectation without losing any hint of its initial vigour.


Sublime Sanctuary of Flavours

As one sinks into its multifaceted personality, watch out for sophisticated notes of tobacco and leather pairing lyrically with aromatic forest fruits. The fine texture flows seamlessly into its long, elegant finish—a testament to the extraordinary craftsmanship behind the birth of the 1999 Pingus.

Whether you're a seasoned investor looking for a remarkable portfolio addition or an aficionado eager to experience the charismatic charm of Ribera del Duero's abundant 1999 bounty, the Pingus from Pingus is a standout selection. Its alluring blend of complexity and maturity spells out its unique potential as one of the best Spanish fine wine investments.

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