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2007 Pingus

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2007 Pingus from Pingus, Ribera del Duero, Spain

Wines wave a magic when birthed from vineyards steeped in history. And, the 2007 Pingus from Pingus falls into this enchanted category. Dominio de Pingus in Ribera del Duero, Spain, is known for producing some of the most distinctive and sought-after wines by sophisticated wine investors, but the 2007 vintage feels like a symphony - a pitch-perfect accord of nature and craftsmanship.


The Innate Elegance

The 2007 Pingus harbours a deep ruby colour accompanied by an intense array of red fruits, smoke and spice. The palate embraces tempranillo’s quintessential richness balanced adroitly by an assertive line of acid that adds vibrancy to its dignity. An allophone of blackberries, plums, chocolate, and a hint of tobacco intricately woven with tannins forming an expressive and magnificent structure exemplifies the mastery behind its production.


Exploring 2007 Ribera del Duero Terroir

The drama of the 2007 vintage was about the heat recounting the tales of warm spring followed by arid summer. The conditions stressed the vines pushing depth into their roots which reflect through a bold yet elegant structure in wines like Pingus. Ribera del Duero's extreme climate truly shined this year, producing one-off flavours that encapsulate its unique landscape.

This expressive and commanding wine deserves recognition as one among many remarkable examples of Ribera del Duero's prowess in crafting complex and age-worthy Tempranillo wines.


Savoring Every Sip

The 2007 Pingus grips and captivates each sense on every sip, unraveling altogether a charming tasting experience. The ageing potential is remarkably high for an 07 vintage, promising a superior return on investment over the years. The tale of its finesse unwraps in every sip, demonstrating a titillating investable venture for wine investors. A glass of this elegant Pingus shares an engrossing story of the remarkable vintage and the impressive puzzle of terroir.

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