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2009 Pingus

By Pingus

2009 Pingus from Pingus, Ribera del Duero, Spain

The 2009 Pingus from Pingus is an investable beacon in the world of fine wines. As one of the most distinctive and sought-after wines from Ribera del Duero, this Spanish masterstroke has reaffirmed my deep-rooted esteem for the Santiago region's viticultural prowess.


A reflection of Dominio de Pingus' trailblazing spirit

Produced by the visionary Danish winemaker Peter Sisseck, the 2009 Pingus stands as an enduring testament to his tenacity and intuition. If a single wine could epitomize Sisseck’s audacious approach to viticulture, it would undeniably be this vintage.

Intrepid investors fortunate enough to uncork this vintage anticipate an unforgettable immersion into a world of refined sophistication and tantalising complexity.


2009: A year like no other

The 2009 season blessed Ribera del Duero with optimal climatic conditions - drenched in ample sunshine balanced delicately by moderate rainfall. From this fortunate meteorological order, the 2009 Pingus harvested the benefit, rippling it through its personified palate.

Imbued with exquisite layers of lasting blackberry, blueberry and liquorice, this full-bodied Tempranillo cedes riveting undertones of clove, lavender and crushed stone that resonate through its velvety texture. A lingering echo of seductive dark chocolate dances on the after palate, further cultivating intrigue.


The investment case for 2009 Pingus

The limited production yield along with high scores from critics conspire to render the 2009 Pingus an attractive proposition for savvy wine investors. Pairing its historic appeal with its anticipated aging potential, this wine is a tangible asset that packs esoteric enjoyment and financial promise in one alluring bottle.

The 2009 Pingus perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the eponymous producer's passion for high calibre viniculture. It stands as a beacon illuminating the road for Ribera del Duero wines - showcasing what can be achieved when talent, terroir and time harmoniously interweave.

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