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2010 Pingus

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The distinguished 2010 Pingus from Pingus, Ribera del Duero

Once aired, the formidable 2010 Pingus from Pingus reveals immense qualities, a glimpse into its humble origins of Ribera del Duero being teasingly flouted. Peter Sisseck's unshakeable dedication to ancient vine Tinto Fino effortlessly shines through each sip, having proven his audacious mettle in countless vintages past.


Subtle strength with a palate of promise

The 2010 Pingus exudes rich dark fruit nuances, velvetine hints of black cherry and plum coalescing with delicate complexities of cocoa, licorice, and soft-woven leather. This vibrant set of flavours is skillfully framed by sturdy tannins—a cameo drawn from devout organic farming and biodynamic practices — bestowing a pleasingly lengthy finish as the curtain call on this captivating performance.

The potent allure of this faultlessly balanced Tempranillo cannot be overstated, a testament to the bio-intensive farming that nurtures every bottle of Pingus. Renowned and revered in equal measure, its traditionally charming allure transforms into one of the prime offerings for discerning fine wine investors today.


Decade-old excellence from a decidedly exceptional vintage

The singular symphony that is the 2010 Pingus flags the conditions under which it was cultured—a testament to the climatic temperament of that year in Ribera del Duero. The overarching daytime heat, culminating in cool nights, allowed for slow maturation, delivering a balance between ripeness and acidity that broadens into an enigmatic and invigorating finish.

This particular vintage contributes an exclusive freshness against its more robust predecessors. While we find impressive concentration cohabiting with lush, tactile depth—it never loses its vigor nor elegance. The counterpoint between the structured richness and a taught, mineral laced finish unearths the precise character of 2010 Pingus.

Nestled deep within the esteemed vintage lies a perfectly timed investment of unseen potential, marking its place as a significant contributor to any well-informed portfolio. Thus proving that the 2010 Pingus from Pingus is not just an expression of opulence and beauty but a reservoir for future growth as vibrant as the vintage itself.

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