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2012 Pingus

By Pingus

2012 Pingus from Pingus, Ribera del Duero, Spain

With the 2012 vintage, Pingus finds a balance between raw earthy power and subtle sophistication - a testament to the seamless evolution of this Ribera Del Duero heavyweight. It embraces the climatic complexities of the year, delivering an ensemble where terms like 'power' and 'grace' harmoniously coexist.


An exercise in pure decadence and resilience

The 2012 vintage stands as a remarkable exhibition of resilience in light of the unpredictable Spanish weather. A dry winter matched with a cooler spring period prompted concerns among viticulturalists. However, summer heatwaves combined with optimal hydration conditions led to a surprisingly good harvest.

2012 Pingus emulates this resilient spirit in every sip with an opulent nose that showcases its varietal authenticity - Tempranillo or "Tinto Fino" as it's known locally. Rich blackberries are layered with exotic spices while toasted oak leaves whispers of vanilla and smoke behind.


Potential personified, a unique investment

The palate of the 2012 Pingus reflects a blend of ripe black fruits with glimpses of dark chocolate and espresso, conjuring an all-encompassing sensory experience. It reveals notable structure, with taut acidity offset by velvety tannins, guiding the wine to a prodigious finish that lingers way beyond expectation.

No minor quirk or fleeting fad, this wine is etched deep into the narrative of Ribera Del Duero's excellence—all woven together by meticulous winemaking that not only enhances complexity but also longevity and investment appeal. Investable assets rarely taste this satisfying!


A hommage to exceptional terroir

In essence, the 2012 Pingus embodies the challenge and triumph of its vintage year - a profound expression of terroir interlaced with resilience and refinement. It stands as one of the most compelling epics from the winery's storied lineage, destined to mature into even greater complexity over the coming years.

Imbued with an unwavering commitment to quality and singular vision for sustainable viticulture, this vintage is more than just a noteworthy bottle—it's a symbol of uncompromising excellence in Spanish wine that beckons rewarding returns for discerning investors.

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