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2013 Pingus

By Pingus

2013 Pingus from Pingus, Ribera del Duero, Spain

The grandeur of the 2013 Pingus from Pingus is a fine wine investment not to be glossed over with fleet fleeting thoughts. Crafted by the renowned Danish winemaker Peter Sisseck, this vintage reflects his acute sensitivity for the subtle dialect of each vineyard's unique terroir paired with his relentless pursuit of perfection.


A Year of Grace and Gratitude

The year 2013 in Ribera del Duero is humbly known by many as a year of grace and gratitude. The Spanish sun radiated generously over the vines while the cool nights allowed for balanced ripening. This climactic balance enables Pingus, as a top-ranking wine, to elevate its inherent qualities to new heights.

2013 was not merely an exceptional year, but rather a year that saw nature bow to the Whisperer of Vines. It yielded robust, yet well-tamed fruit, establishing the basis for regal wines such as the 2013 Pingus.


Decoding The 2013 Dance Of Flavours

This vintage blossoms on the palate with prodigious depth and complexity. With profound plum notes transcending into the arena of black cherries wrapped in perceptible tannins; this vintage asserts a bold stance and proudly declares its quality and finesse.

Behind its unyielding exterior lies an elegant dance of dark red fruits and exotic spices that embellish the palate splendidly, producing a wine imbued with life yet inherently serene.


A Toast To Transcending Elegance

In this compelling performance of The 2013 Pingus, we glimpse into a realm where enduring elegance dances with bold veracity. This vintage is a testament to the formidable capabilities of Spanish Tempranillo when cultivated, harvested, and vinified with relentless dedication.

As a stage for an unprecedented demonstration of Spanish viticulture, the 2013 Pingus from Pingus defines itself as a fine wine investment worthy of attention and applause. So, here's to the ensemble cast of the Ribera del Duero region and their impeccable portrayal of the eloquence embedded in the 2013 Pingus - a resounding testament to the symphony of Spain.

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