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2014 Pingus

By Pingus

2014 Pingus by Pingus, Ribera del Duero, Spain

Crafting a delicate tapestry for the discerning palate, the 2014 Pingus from Pingus provides an intimate narration of Ribera del Duero's generous landscape and unique terroir. The brilliant Peter Sisseck, at his boutique winery, has faithfully bottled the pulsating rhythm of the Spanish sun and soil in this vintage, continuing his inspiring quest for purity and expressiveness.


A Masterpiece of Harmony

This highly acclaimed producer delivers yet another captivating performance, setting up a compelling case for inclusion in an astute wine investment portfolio. The poised intensity of the 2014 Pingus reflects a vintage marked by mild summer temperatures and late rains that encouraged gradual flavour development in the grapes.

The exquisite profile showcases an array of black fruit nuances that play harmoniously against a canvas of silken tannins. Deep plum notes interweave with whispers of liquorice and cedar, carrying sensuous hints brought forth by meticulous ageing in French oak barrels.


Producing promise in a bottle, a distinctive vintage

The 2014 vintage saw Pingus walk a delicate tightrope between concentration and freshness. With fortunate climatic conditions working in favour of a good harvest, the wine echoes the region's distinctive character, balancing richness with an underlying minerality.

There's undeniable power here, yet it's tempered by Ribera del Duero's signature elegance—a beguiling paradox embedded within the body of this deep-ruby Elder. Intense black cherry aromas marry hints of dark chocolate and petals of violet to produce an opulence that is both nuanced and profound.


Investing in Elegance

For those looking to add a Spanish touch to their wine investment portfolio, the 2014 Pingus commands careful consideration. As an inimitable ambassador of Ribera del Duero, it eloquently harmonises Spain's unyielding sunshine and striking terroir into an enlightened symphony of flavours.

Exceptional, intriguing, and perennially consistent, the 2014 Pingus combines the allure of a masterpiece with the trustworthiness of a sure-fire investment—one that resonates deeply with both the head and the heart.

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