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2017 Pingus

By Pingus

2017 Pingus from Pingus, Ribera del Duero

The 2017 Pingus from Pingus emerges as an intriguing wine in the realm of artful indulgence, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and deep-rooted sense of place embodied in Ribera del Duero.


A Wine with Resilient Pedigree

An unexpected cool climate generated a vintage of 2017 suffused with what one could liken to calculated intensity. Despite the less-than-ideal conditions, the Pingus vineyards demonstrated their resilience, embodying grace under pressure and producing a harvest defined by early ripening and amplified concentration.

The resulting 2017 Pingus is as much a discussion about terroir as it is an exploration of intuition. Emblematic of its birthplace in its hearty structure yet attesting to the individuality of the vintage, this wine commands respect and appreciation.


Complexity Abound Yet Harmonious in Nature

This premium investment wine unfolds onto the palate with profound complexity - layers of ripe dark berries, a smoky underbelly and intertwining nuances of toasted almonds. A distinct note of earthiness inexorably ties it to it's Ribera del Duero roots, providing the textured backdrop maiden by this famed region's chalky soils.

Its fragrance teases with whispers of dried herbs and shards of dark chocolate, a preface to the symphony that awaits on the palate. Let me assure you - divine patience rewards, with slow decanting gradually coaxing out the full magnitude of its powerhouse flavour profile.


2017: The Survivor Vintage

The artistry behind the 2017 Pingus unequivocally sets it apart in the grand theatre of sophisticated wines. It's robust character and refined tannins offer promise for long cellar performance, a trait significant for savvy wine investors seeking value in a bottle.

Yet, the real allure lies in its testament to what can be achieved in one of the challenging years; it is a tribute to the survival of the vine, the fortitude of the producer, and the thrilling unpredictability of fine wine engagement.

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