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2000 Unico

By Vega Sicilia Unico

2000 Unico by Vega Sicilia, Ribera del Duero, Rest of the World

Unveiling a vintage that merits specific attention within the layered chronicles of Spanish winemaking and wine investment, the 2000 Unico from Vega Sicilia is a clear reflection of exceptional oenological prowess meeting a definitive year. Vega Sicilia's audacious endeavour to blend Tempranillo yesteryear resilience with Cabernet Sauvignon's worldly elegance finds true expression in this remarkable creation.


A vintage asserting its own idiosyncrasy

In the turn of the millennium, Ribera del Duero saw balanced climatic oscillations resulting in a nurturing environment for grape varieties to fully express their personalities. The 2000 Unico utilises these ideal conditions, bringing forth a wine loaded with complexity and destined for longevity - attributes that consistently tempt astute wine investors.

Aging gracefully in both French and American oak for a decade prior to bottling only adds to the captivation of the 2000 Unico. In your glass, expect an interplay of aromas: hints of dark fruit teasingly intertwine with pronounced notes of tobacco leaf and leather, underscored by intriguing touches of spice.


An extraordinary taste journey, rich in investment potential

Tasting it reveals more elements to this remarkable tableau; a sublime complexity that fits comfortably amongst an investment portfolio as it does in a connoisseur's cellar. It presents a silken tapestry on the palate- dark cherries and ripe plums dancing alongside nuances of cocoa and clove all underpinned with satisfyingly bold tannins. This befitting testament to the truly immortal character of well-crafted wines is what the 2000 Unico is known for.

If the mark of every great wine lies in its unique representation of both territory and time, Vega Sicilia's 2000 Unico serves as an esteemed flag bearer. Singular in its narrative and, without a doubt, one that added another sterling star to the Vega Sicilia constellation. This compelling addition to any wine investment repertoire showcases simultaneously exceptional drinkability right now, while promising further evolution for years to come.

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