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2002 Unico

By Vega Sicilia Unico

2002 Unico from Vega Sicilia, Ribera del Duero, Spain

Let's journey to venerable Vega Sicilia’s estates to discover an exceptional vintage's tale. The avant-garde 2002 Unico is a marvel that ascends the already lofty heights Vega Sicilia has been known for more than a century. A masterstroke in viticulture and winemaking, it paints an enthralling terroir picture of the Ribera del Duero farms.


Harmonious Contradictions, the hallmark of an exquisite investment

The 2002 Unico is a prodigy among its peers; weaving an intricate dance between power and finesse, grit and grace. While the late ripening Tinto Fino grape battles the region’s severe climatic conditions, it delivers wines that display startling depth of character, making Vega Sicilia's execution in 2002 a textbook lesson in wine investment resilience.

This Spanish masterpiece embodies paradoxes, resonating the fabled characteristics of Bordeaux’s finest while exuding a uniqueness that no other vineyard on earth can reproduce.


Loving Tender Care by Mother Nature: Celebrating the 2002 Vintage

The 2002 vintage in Ribera del Duero was indeed 'Nature's Favourite', demonstrating one of the greatest expressions of climate influence on winemaking. The season began with a colder-than-normal winter followed by a mild spring leading into warm, dry summer months. This cycle resulted in a full and healthy budding season with perfect grape maturation - conditions befitting for an illustrious harvest like Vega Sicilia's Unico.

The result? A wine manifesting majestic integration of fruit intensity, enriched by prominent tertiary notes after years of bottle aging. Blackberries and plums jostle playfully amid tobacco, leather, and a touch of clove. Each sip lingers long after, tempting the palate for another taste.

2002 Unico from Vega Sicilia is not just a profound wine; it's an inseparable part of Spain's liquid history. An assured jewel in any investor’s cellars that promises dazzling return and sheer drinking pleasure. Without doubt, Vega Siclica has once again underlined its relentless pursuit of perfection with the illustrious 2002 vintage of their Unico red.

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