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2011 Unico

By Vega Sicilia Unico

2011 Unico from Vega Sicilia, Ribera del Duero

The 2011 Unico from Vega Sicilia is a testament to the majesty and intrigue that the Ribera del Duero region can coax from its vineyards. With an impressive lineage of winemaking history, Vega Sicilia needs little in the way of introduction. However, this year’s offering effortlessly breaks new ground with its symphony of exquisite nuance and depth.


Stunning climactic conditions

The 2011 vintage was significantly marked by its balanced climate, with both rainy spring and sultry summer contributing to a lush ripening period. The climatic gifts that year delivered grapes of exceptional quality, providing the winemaker with perfect conditions to sculpt what would become a legendary expression of their land.


Unrivaled craftsmanship and complexity

This vintage is a perfect symphony of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon, aged for an unfathomable seven years before coming into the world. Its bouquet hints at the uncompromised complexity: ripe plums, dark cherry, and exotic spices intertwine with subtle earthy underpinnings - a time capsule for the extraordinary 2011 weather. In every sip, you’re met with an ensemble of elegance; layers of dark fruit are harmoniously folded within a defined structure; tones of vanilla lend a luxurious texture while subtle earthy notes whisper tales of its terroir.


A prized choice among collectors

Due to its pedigree and limited availability, the 2011 Unico from Vega Sicilia is not merely an indulgence for wine enthusiasts but also a fine investable asset for collectors. Its unique year of origin combined with the consistent artistry that Vega Sicilia is revered for renders it a coveted piece on any top-tier wine investment portfolio.

In conclusion, you’re not just purchasing a bottle of wine, you’re imbibing in a carefully curated narrative of one of the Ribera del Duero’s most singular years. Guided by Vega Sicilia's respected craftsmanship, the 2011 Unico is both a sensory experience and an investment in time and tradition. Offering a unique opportunity to appreciate this illustrious vineyard’s deliverance of astounding depth and elegance; an aged testament to the miracle that was 2011.

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