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2005 Dominus Estate

By Dominus

2005 Dominus Estate by Dominus, Napa Valley

The 2005 Dominus Estate from Dominus is a complex bouquet of exquisite expressions from the effervescent Napa Valley. A labor of love from Christian Moueix, this particular vintage prompts visions of opulence and refined elegance, and serves as an ever-amiable companion to savvy wine enthusiasts.


Wine Mastery Infused with Nature's Splendour

Primarily Cabernet Sauvignon, the blend bears within it the spirit of its birthplace, beautifully reflecting a ripening season blessed with mild weather and meticulous vine management. Its Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot siblings add to its complexity, following the age-old art perfected by the Bordeaux wine masters across the Atlantic.

The wine opens up with expressive notes of ripe blackberries entangled with supple tannins. As it breathes, hushed whispers of fragrant black currant leaves and earthy undertones showcase glimpses into its heart.


A Captivating Journey Tailored for Investment

Unlike many of its contemporaries, this 2005 Dominus Estate bares notes of truffle and subtle Mediterranean spices adding yet another intriguing layer. This delicious complexity grows in the glass over time suggesting vast potential cellar longevity; a promising prospect for investors and connoisseurs seeking fine wines from USA to deepen their collection's palate ensemble.

The 2005 Dominus Estate from Dominus encourages intimate study and scrutiny from discerning wine lovers – a splendid testament to the depth of fine winemaking in America’s prosperous terroir. A harmonious blend married with an unprecedented year transforms into an investable delight, standing proudly as one of Napa Valley's most distinctive offerings.

And so, as our fascinating journey with this 2005 Dominus Estate reaches its end, it leaves us with an evocative memory of a legendary performance; a grand crescendo of flavours and textures, elegantly echoing the distinguished pedigree from which it hails.

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This blend of 92% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc and 3% Petit Verdot (note that rarely is any Merlot utilized at the historic Napanook Estate in Yountville). The alcohol, by California standards, is a relatively modest 14.1%. Blending the best of French savoir faire with the brilliant fruit purity and ripeness of Napa Valley, Moueix has turned in another tour de force that seems far superior today than it did when it was first released. This is one of the vintage’s greatest wines. Dense purple and youthful, with a glorious nose of earth, blackcurrants, sweet black cherries and incense, the oak is pushed way in the background, as it is in all of the Moueix wines, and the result is a wine of terroir, of great originality and authenticity. This full-bodied classic from Dominus can be drunk now, but really won’t hit its prime for another 4-5 years and last at least another two decades or more.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 28 June 2015

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