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2012 Dominus Estate

By Dominus

2012 Dominus Estate from Dominus, Napa Valley, USA

The 2012 vintages from the grandeur of Dominus Estate, nestled in the heart of California's iconic Napa Valley, rarely fail to delight. Particularly noteworthy is the 2012 Dominus Estate from Dominus — a signature blend redolent with plush, velvety layers of richness that demonstrate the prowess of this majestic region.


An exquisite equilibrium of elements

This vintage is testament to the harmonious convergence of soil, sun and serendipity. A year blessed by Mother Nature, 2012 saw a perfect combination of warmth and sunlight, having escaped any untimely chills. This idyllic climatic play conjured an ambrosia of nuanced richness that only such ordained circumstances can bestow upon fine wines from USA.

Pouring a glass of this opulent wine reveals a siphoning spectacle — a lush tapestry unfolds itself on your senses, arresting with its poised vivacity and prolific depth. It faithfully mirrors the boutique terroir so celebrated by Dominus.


Investment potential in every drop

Lasting impressions come rarely, but a sip of the 2012 Dominus Estate effortlessly induces one. The impeccable confluence of ripe fruitiness and sublime structure proffers incredible investment potential. Among the plethora of Napa crowning jewels, this offering by Dominus distinctly positions itself as a dignified entrant worth considering for a diverse portfolio keen on accruing value.

A medley of dark fruits seamlessly intertwined with hints of cocoa and vanilla unfurls on your palate, deftly governed by mature tannins giving it admirable structure and length. Deceptive in its youthful appeal, this wine promises an aging potential that would make a worthy addition to any savvy investor's collection.

The 2012 Dominus Estate represents not only the panache of Dominus but the maturing promise that fine wines from USA possess in the realm of wine investment. A worthy consideration for the discerning palate, it stands as a resounding testament to a venerable vintage year, and an eloquent ambassador for American viticulture.

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The exuberance and drama in the stunning nose of the dense plum-colored 2012 Dominus offers up notes of Asian spice, ripe, black currants, kirsch, tobacco leaf and Christmas fruitcake. It is full-bodied and opulent, with no hard edges, a seamless integration of acidity, wood and tannin and a density and richness that are built to go on for 25-30 years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 October 2015

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