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2014 Dominus Estate

By Dominus

2014 Dominus Estate by Dominus, Napa Valley, USA

The 2014 vintage in question is a magnificent representation of Cabernet Sauvignon-driven blends from the premier Napa Valley's terroir, crafted by the virtuosos at Dominus. It's a hallmark of the remarkable strength and balance of the 2014 growing season in this coveted Californian wine region.


A Vintage Challenged, A Wine Triumphed

The 2014 Dominus Estate from Dominus portrayed the winemaker's adeptness at braving climatic aberrations exceptionally well. While the vintage was charmed with early bud break and consistent weather, an earthquake of considerable magnitude threw a curveball just as harvest neared. A lesser producer may have faltered, but not Dominus. They responded with a wine deeply expressive of its unique year and place of birth.

On the palate, opulent layers unfold with flavours of dark cherries, plums, and notes of fine herbs interwoven with a supple minerality. The ripeness of the fruit is superbly counterbalanced by a vibrancy that keeps the wine energetic and poised.


Investing in Napa’s Old-World Heritage

Dominus' exceptional commitment to interweaving Old World ethos with New World resourcefulness has significantly contributed to its reputation as one of the consistent fine wines from USA — making it an attractive addition to any polished investment portfolio. A bottle of 2014 Dominus Estate manifests not only great taste but also robust financial foresight.

The drama surrounding the harvest only accentuates this vintage's intriguing narrative and investment potential. There's great interest within discerning circles for this wine that aptly mirrors its challenging birth year, while offering exceptional promise to aging gracefully for many more years to come.

Such is the charm of the 2014 Dominus Estate; a vintage that transformed a challenging year into a distinct symphony of deft balance between fruit, acidity and tannins. Investable exclusivity exudes from every enjoyable sip of this fine example of Napa Valley brilliance.

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The 2014s, where the production of Napanook was only 2,200 cases and Dominus slightly more than the 2015 at 4,000 cases, was another early harvest, although somewhat later than 2015. The 2014 Dominus, which is 86% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cabernet Franc and 7% Petit Verdot really struts its stuff. Moueix’s belief in dry farming seems to be paying off with stronger and stronger vintages, each successive year, and the 2014 is a sexy, opulent, layered, multidimensional wine with notes of red and blackcurrant, cedar wood, tobacco leaf , spice box and licorice. The color is a dense plum/ruby/purple, much like the Napanook. This is a beauty that is already drinking gorgeously – as most 2014s are – and will continue to evolve for 25 or so years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 28 October 2016

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