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2015 Dominus Estate

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The 2015 Dominus Estate from Dominus, Napa Valley, USA

Revered throughout the world of wine investment as a paragon of Napa Valley excellence, the 2015 Dominus Estate from Dominus brings its signature of distinction to a new level. This lauded vintage captures both the integrity of its renowned vineyard terroir and a climatic event that left an indelible impact on many fine wines from the USA.


A Vintage Testament to Resilience

The 2015 grape-growing year stood out for its extremely warm and dry conditions – part of the prolonged weather pattern the region began experiencing in 2012. While these persistent conditions tested the robustness of some vineyards, Dominus, with mature, deep-rooted vines and skilled vineyard management, truly capitalised. The result? A wine so elegant and profound that it serves as a testament to how turbulent climate can be leveraged into a desirably unique finish.


Terroir Meets Skill: Singular Expression of Quality

The aptitude and skill behind this release have not gone unnoticed. The craft here is in artfully maintaining the character and balance that have come to define this label regardless of seasonal inflection. The 2015 Dominus Estate boasts a densely packed core with enveloping tannins, suggesting immaculate ageing potential. Each layered flavour unfolds meticulously to reveal nuances in every sip - deep cabernet austerity mingles with ripe fruit opulence, every note finding harmony in contrast.


Investment Potential: Seize the 2015 Advantage

For enthusiasts looking to invest in fine wines from USA, the 2015 Dominus Estate holds untold potential. It strikes an ultimate balance between the bold personality of Napa Valley and a unique vintage effect. Owning a collectable that incarnates the spirit of its era, and its vineyard's masterful response to climate challenge, is something that sets apart the discerning investor. This is your opportunity to secure your stake in not just a wine, but a stoic protagonist of 2015, an unforgettable year in viticulture.

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Bottled in July 2017 and composed of 86% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Petit Verdot and 5% Cabernet Franc, the Dominus 2015 Proprietary Red Wine leaps from the glass with notes of fresh wild blueberries, crushed blackberries and black currant juice with touches of wild thyme, underbrush, iron ore and aniseed with wafts of lavender and pencil lead. Medium to full-bodied, the palate has incredible energy and vivacity, with the firm, pixelated tannins and lively backbone skillfully framing the muscular fruit, finishing with wonderful length and depth.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 31 October 2017

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