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2000 Dominus Napanook

By Dominus

2000 Dominus Napanook, Napa Valley, USA

The allure of Napa Valley, a haven for fine wines from USA, needs little introduction. The illustrious Dominus Estate has flourished in this land, each vintage competing with the best Bordeaux blends. One such champion is the 2000 Napanook from Dominus.


A harmonious dialogue between land and vine

The 2000 Dominus Napanook presents a nuanced exploration of its distinct terroir. A blend primarily of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc, every glass conveys this particular vintage's memorable fingerprint – a product of ideal climatic conditions and singular viticultural proficiency.

A triumph of balance and complexity, this vintage enchants the palate with ripe plum notes framed by undercurrents of cedar and tobacco – testament to the advantageous growing season of that year.


An investment in timelessness

When evaluating wines combining investment potential with hedonistic pleasure, the 2000 Napanook from Dominus impresses on both fronts. With enviable aging potential, it offers myriad flavours that become more complex and enthralling with time. Thus it not only lingers on your palate but holds strong in the currently thriving wine investment market as well.

A mélange of power and elegance characterizes this wine. The subtlety of its oak integration, its tannic structure promising longevity, and its impeccably balanced acidity all converge to assert its Napa heritage while echoing the greatness of grand Bordeaux.


Celebrating the exceptional in every sip

A beverage is rarely more than what it is intended for – quenching thirst, complementing meals or facilitating celebrations. However, there are those like the 2000 Dominus Napanook which transcend the mundane reality to become the embodiment of a vintage's story, a region's soul and a vineyard's vision. A sip invites the wine investor not simply to taste but to partake in a vintner's labour of love and dedication.

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The 2000 Napanook (a 4,200-case blend of 68% Cabernet Sauvignon, 17% Cabernet Franc, 11% Merlot, and the rest Petit Verdot) possesses a dark plum/garnet color in addition to an elegant, spicy, cedary bouquet revealing hints of chocolate, dried herbs, and red as well as black currants. Medium-bodied, soft, and easy-going, it is best consumed over the next 4-6 years. Tel. (707) 944-8954; Fax (707) 944-0547

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 December 2003

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