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2014 Dominus Napanook

By Dominus

2014 Dominus Napanook by Dominus, Napa Valley

Alexandre in Hamlet might have cried: “Give me some wine, fill full. I drink to the general joy of the whole table.” If he were alive today, he would undoubtedly ask for a bottle of the 2014 Dominus Napanook from Dominus.

Among the legends of fine wines from USA, Dominus shines with its gripping story of Bordeaux expertise blended with Californian exuberance. Situated in the heart of Napa Valley, Dominus leverages the area's unique topography and climate to produce some of the most stunning wines.


A climatic masterpiece

The 2014 vintage is particularly special. This year saw an exceptional growing season with a warm summer and relatively dry autumn, providing grapes with an impeccable ripeness and rich concentration. The resulting flavours are nothing short of spectacular.

With a masterful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc, the 2014 Dominus Napanook displays opulent layers of blackcurrant and plum, intermingled with nuanced notes of nutmeg and cinnamon.


An ideal addition to any collection

This extraordinary wine, one among few to be produced with a carbon-neutral footprint, legitimizes it as an attractive prospect for environmentally-conscious investors - another layer added to its appeal.

Its capability to mature into elegance over time reinforces its standing as an excellent investment choice for those seeking to augment their collection with a truly exquisite fine wine.

To conclude, the boldness and balance exhibited by the 2014 Dominus Napanook bear testament to its lineage. It is one of those masterpieces that inspire awe not just for the excellence of the vintage, but also for the magical hands of its producers that seemed to spin straw into gold.

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The 2014s, where the production of Napanook was only 2,200 cases and Dominus slightly more than the 2015 at 4,000 cases, was another early harvest, although somewhat later than 2015. The 2014 Napanook is a blend of 88% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Cabernet Franc and 9% Petit Verdot, showing notes of loamy earth, Christmas fruitcake, black cherry and blackcurrant fruit and underbrush in a supple, fragrant and lush heady style. It is another successful wine that should drink beautifully young and age nicely for up to 20 years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 28 October 2016

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