Harlan Estate   Proprietary Red

2001 Proprietary Red

By Harlan Estate

2001 Proprietary Red from Harlan Estate, USA

Opening a bottle of the exceptional 2001 Proprietary Red from Harlan Estate provides a profound reminder of why finessed wines from USA are esteemed the world over. With Harlan's hallmark craftsmanship, this red exudes an exquisite charm that resonates with all who experience it.


An Iconic Expression from a Celebrated Vintage

The 2001 vintage was bountiful and balanced in Napa Valley, marked by perfect ripening conditions and moderate temperatures. The result is a strikingly charismatic expression of Impeccable style and longevity - elements that beckon savvy wine investors towards this endearing liquid treasure.


The Intricate Revelry of Flavour Profiles

Opening the 2001 Proprietary Red, one is met with blackberry and currant fragrances delicately intertwined with elements of earth, cedar and tobacco. Upon your first sip, you’re greeted with a plenitude of dark fruit flavours harmoniously mingling with subtler undertones of vanilla, chocolate and spice. It finishes superbly – a long, lingering testament to Harlan Estate’s commitment to unrivalled quality.


A Gem Worth Investing In

The quintessential fusion of power, elegance and balance in the 2001 Proprietary Red makes it an attractive addition to the savvy investor’s portfolio. With its proven track record for ageing gracefully, textbook representation of terroir, and status as an immaculate example of Napa Valley prowess, it’s no wonder this offering from Harlan Estate has been lauded by investors worldwide.

Unveiling The Understated Reserve - A Roaring Success

In conclusion, the 2001 Proprietary Red from Harlan Estate is much like a resplendent symphony – an amalgamation of well-pitched notes and themes that rise and fall in harmonious synchrony, creating a tune that resonates long after the curtains close. It's no idle claim to say this vintage imbues red wine with an avant-garde pantheon, making it one of the most remarkable offerings in the realm of fine wines. A veritable testament to the vigour of Napa Valley vintages, it's a worthy investment for those with a fine tongue and a discerning eye for value.

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This wine, which first debuted in 1990, has probably garnered more perfect scores than any other Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2001 is just entering a young adolescent stage of development, exhibiting extraordinary nuances such as sweet, loamy soil and earthy minerality intermixed with some background smoke, black currant liqueur, plum, Asian spice and new saddle leather. Full-bodied, it possesses great intensity, with stunning flavors that are viscous enough to coat the mouth, but never become heavy or overbearing. The wine has a remarkable purity, concentration and intensity that should carry it for another 30+ years. This is already very promising, and for those who own it, I would suggest a good two to three hours of decanting prior to service. One of the great estates of California and in the world of wine is Bill Harlan’s beautiful vineyard, stretched across the steep hillsides of the Mayacamas Mountains, overlooking the Oakville corridor and valley floor in Napa. Tel:(707) 944-1441; Fax (707) 944-1444

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 1 May 2011

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