Harlan Estate   Proprietary Red

2002 Proprietary Red

By Harlan Estate

2002 Proprietary Red by Harlan Estate

The 2002 Proprietary Red from Harlan Estate is an elegant embodiment of the uniqueness presented by the manifold complexities of California's distinct viticultural terroirs. Situated in the verdant labyrinth of Napa Valley, Harlan Estate has cultivated an iconic status with their commitment to exhibiting the exquisite nuances of every vintage's distinct seasons and microclimates.


Golden Birthday, Vintage Triumph

Among the fine wines from USA, the 2002 vintage holds a special place, marking the winery's 20th-year vintage release. The year's climatic conditions notably offered a gradual ripening window - a rare luxury for Napa Valley vineyards. This extended maturation timeframe indulged the vines with ample opportunities to develop complex flavours and impenetrable depths.

The monumental 2002 Proprietary Red from Harlan Estate undoubtedly typifies this precious vintage. Offering an amalgamation of cabernet sauvignon and merlot - the wine weaves a rich tapestry of sensory experiences, marked by decadent black fruit and intertwining notes of exotic spices, worn leather, smoke and dark chocolate.


Investing in American Heirlooms

The vineyards nestled within Harlan Estate have been meticulously curated, forging wines that are considered on par with distinguished Bordeaux vintages. The legacy of their 2002 Proprietary Red is no exception, displaying remarkable consistency in its structural elegance and nuanced depth of flavour. These attributes extend it a formidable contender for fine wine investors seeking worthwhile additions to their portfolio.

The intoxicating fascination stirred by Harlan Estate's limited quantity releases makes the acquisition of such a bottle an achievement. Investing in this fine wine leverages not just financial returns but cultivates an emotive connection to a snippet of Napa Valley's winemaking saga.

In conclusion, the 2002 Proprietary Red from Harlan Estate mesmerises with its graceful balance of maturity and captivating echoes of its illustrious vintage year. It remains an idyllic exemplar worth considering for wine enthusiasts and savvy investors alike who understand that great American wines such as this, are like fine heirlooms, precious and enduring.

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The extraordinary Harlan Estate, which I awarded 100 points seven years ago, offers no justifiable reason to doubt its perfect score. It is still a baby, with an inky purple color and notes of smoky camphor intermixed with creme de cassis, Asian soy and a hint of cedar beginning to emerge as well as some espresso and subtle damp forest floor notes. The wine has awesome intensity, a full-bodied mouthfeel, a skyscraper-like texture, and a finish that goes on for close to a minute. This is a perfect wine, still youthful and young, and not even in full adolescence as of 2012. It has 40 or more years ahead of it, but should hit its plateau of full maturity in another 5-10 years. It is certainly one of the most showy , flamboyant and remarkable Harlan Estates made to date. (More recently, the 2007 tends to resemble this wine more than any other vintage I can think of.) Kudos to Bill Harlan! Tel. (707) 944-1441; Fax (707) 944-1444

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2012

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