Harlan Estate   Proprietary Red

2009 Proprietary Red

By Harlan Estate

The 2009 Proprietary Red from Harlan Estate

A captivating encounter awaits the senses as we delve into the generosities of the 2009 Proprietary Red from Harlan Estate, a resplendent embodiment of fine wines from USA. Unveiling an eponymous tale of meticulously orchestrated Californian craftsmanship inspired by the perfect interplay of terroir and variations within the grape species, this wine holds an irrefutable charisma.


Distinct vignettes of 2009's climatic temperaments

The year 2009 in Napa Valley has emerged as one of the most notable vintages, with its signature cool, yet enduring summer span injecting a unique streak of character and depth into its bounty. The Pinnacle of this season’s prowess manifests brilliantly within our subject of interest - the 2009 Proprietary Red.

Having been privy to an elongated, steady ripening season, the grapes nurture their complexities and depth, consequently unveiling a wine that's exquiisitely complex yet elegantly balanced.


The unmistakable allure of a Well-aged American Cabernet Blend

The enigmatic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc steward aromatic intrigues and opulent notes of blackcurrants, dark cherries and hints of clove-spice. This artful mélange reflects in a well-structured palate clout with velvety tannins and a crisp acidity gently escorted by an enduring minerality, rendering it an unmissable asset in any fine wine investment portfolio.

The compelling presence of its deep plush garnet hue further underscores the rich aesthetic charm that such elite Californian reds carry under their belt.


Dedication reaps dividends: The 2009 Proprietary Red

Embracing the essence of the 2009 Proprietary Red from Harlan Estate, treasured for its stunning, full-bodied characteristics, is akin to relishing a symphony that revels in the harmonious blend of nature's best elements with human ingenuity. This acclaimed red wine authenticates why understanding such distinct vintages propels smarter investments in the realm of fine wines.

The pedigree of the 2009 vintage incorporating the technical precision and a true representation of Napa Valley’s terroir makes this wine a worthwhile consideration for any investor discerning for respectable and robust returns. One must therefore appreciate that the 2009 Proprietary Red's quintessential charm essentially fosters its attractiveness as an ideal candidate for value retention.

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The 2009 Harlan Estate is just as impressive from bottle as it was from barrel. Cloves, dark plums, cherries, smoke and graphite add richness and resonance to this powerful, incisive wine. Juicy and exuberant, the 2009 has always had a certain raciness that is impossible to resist. Layers of fruit continue to build to the enveloping, sensual finish. Readers will have a hard time keeping their hands off this hugely delicious wine. Anticipated maturity: 2019-2034. Even after all of these years, and with much more intense competition than ever before, Harlan Estate remains one of the great wines in Napa Valley. The 2009s have fulfilled all the promise they showed from barrel, but the 2010s might be even better. I also had a chance to taste the 1992 Harlan Estate, a wine I sold for a whopping $60, a princely sum at the time, at a Boston area restaurant where I worked in the mid 1990s. At age 20, the 1992 is at a glorious peak of expression. What a wine! Bill Harlan’s Promontory remains a work in progress, and I imagine it will be some time before the wines are up to Harlan’s uncompromising standards. After all, it took Harlan and his team seven vintages to feel comfortable showing Harlan Estate to Robert Parker. The maniacal attention to detail I have seen in the vineyards at Promontory bodes very well for the future. Tel. (707) 944-1441

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 26 December 2012

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