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2000 Opus One

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2000 Opus One from Opus One, Napa Valley, USA

The 2000 Opus One from Opus One beckons serious oenophiles and investors with an intoxicating symphony of complex flavors and stunning maturity. Seldom does a Californian powerhouse merge such opulent depth with sensational subtlety— inviting comparisons to its European counterparts. Echoes of a protracted, mild growing season interspersed with inconsistent weather patterns in Napa Valley have etched themselves on this regal vintage.


An Investment Worth Its Weight in Liquid Gold

As testament to the craftsmanship of the winemakers, the time-honoured traditions of Bordeaux have been adroitly synchronised with the bold terroir of California. An unrivaled blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot underpins the exceptional charateristics that place the 2000 Opus One among praiseworthy wines in investor portfolios.

This liquid art piece demonstrates outstanding promise for continued evolution, displaying the kind of longevity typically associated with its illustrious French ancestors.


2000: A Vintage Testament

The climatic story of 2000 had its strokes confidently applied to the canvas of this fine masterpiece, creating remarkable nuances that clearly delineate it from other productions. Cool spring temperatures, variable summer conditions and an earlier harvest, fashioned a wine that is balanced yet remarkable in its robust character.

One can discern clusters of spiced plum, dark chocolate and eucalyptus intertwined with hints of oak and black cherry— a testament to the rich terroir of Napa Valley.

Relishing the allure of the 2000 Opus One takes one on a sensorial journey where depth and complexity coexist harmoniously. It is elegance dressed in opulence and as such, an invaluable asset for collectors and investors alike. Destined to age with grace, this is a aging Napa Valley gem for the discerning.


Opus One: Defined by Time, Terroir and Tradition

More than just a production of the prestigious Opus One, the 2000 vintage encapsulates a harmonious synthesis of time and terroir, making it an integral cornerstone in the world of fine wine investment. It's not merely a representation of one of the finest vintages from USA, rather it's a testament to the timeless allure of a well-aged wine that reflects the influence of both its year and place of origin.

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The 2000 Opus One marks the third straight vintage where this winery has produced a surprisingly feeble offering. Similar to several previous vintages, the 2000 reveals tremendously intense, horsy, sweaty saddle leather/locker room aromas, and lacks concentration. Neophytes might find some charm in this medium-bodied red’s softness, sweet tannin, and easy-going red and black currant fruit. However, there is little depth or finish in this 2000. The cheesy aromas are not expected in a wine that costs $150. To date, this is the biggest disappointment of the vintage. I tasted this wine twice, once at someone else’s expense, and once from a bottle I purchased in Napa. Both tastings were consistent. This wine gets my vote as one of Napa Valley’s most over-priced offering. Tel. (707) 944-9442; Fax (707) 948-2497

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 December 2003

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