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2001 Opus One

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2001 Opus One from Opus One, Napa Valley, USA

The 2001 vintage of Opus One from Opus One, hailing from the sun-lit vineyards of California's esteemed Napa Valley, brings to one's palate an unforgettably heady blend of whimsy and sophistication. This titanic year of wine production saw the perfect coalescence of sun, soil and savoir-faire to germinate a vintage that will be marked in the annals of oenology.


Balance Between Power and Elegance

The watchword for the 2001 Opus One is balance. Every sip unfurls a vibrant tapestry of flavours played out on the grand theatre of the palate; a delightful symphony where no single instrument outdoes the other, yet each makes its presence known. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes have entwined together harmoniously to churn out a fine wine spectacle.


2001: The Enviable Vintage

The tempering warmth of 2001 laid down impeccable conditions for vine growth that bolstered the intrinsic character of Napa Valley grapes, reflecting boldly in this inimitable potion. The weather, with its perfect blend of heat during the day and cooler nights, had a profound impact on the maturation of the fruits.

The resulting wine is a majestic embodiment of the terroir-infused complexity interlaced with an exciting potpourri of aromas. Vibrant black cherry notes dance buoyantly atop a more subdued undercurrent of forest floor and cedar, providing an animated preamble to the multi-dimensional flavour that lies within.

On the palate, layers of red currants, tobacco and cacao unfurl seductively against the robust structure provided by well-integrated tannins, culminating in a finish that is both long and lingering. The 2001 Opus One is a splendid example of the fine wines from USA, making it an enticing option for wine investment opportunities.


Spectacular Symphony of Flavours with Investment Potential

Presented through this desirably collectable bottle, this complex orchestration of flavours is indeed a true labour of love. It is an enduring testament to the proficiency of Opus One as a vineyard and to the fertile soils of Napa Valley that enrich it. As a potential addition to your wine portfolio, this exemplary 2001 Opus One promises impeccable returns; a profitable proposition for the discerning oenophile seeking to marry their love for fine wines with savvy investment acumen.

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Performing better than it did eight years ago, the 2001 Opus One reveals a classic, French-like style with notes of cedar wood, melted licorice, black currants, roasted herbs and tobacco leaf. While not one of the stars of the vintage, it is a medium to full-bodied, outstanding effort that has reached full maturity. It should continue to drink well for another decade or more. This was a reassuring showing, although vintages over the last five years have been stronger and more powerful, with greater aging potential than the 2001. Tel. (707) 944-9442; Fax (707) 948-2497

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 1 May 2011

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