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2002 Opus One from Opus One

The 2002 Opus One from Opus One is a marvellous embodiment of American viticulture reflecting the symbiotic rapport between Bordeaux and California winemaking. It serves as a testament to the strides fine wine production has taken in the USA.


The Pinnacle of Winemaking Prowess

The elegance and refinement of this vintage affirm the genius behind the craft. Multifaceted layers are skilfully interwoven, building upon one another to create a wine that is so much more than the sum of its parts; mirroring the prestige and complexity of this fine wine investment.


A Fortunate Harvest

The climatic conditions in 2002 within the confines of Oakville, Napa Valley, were rather blessed. The late rains followed by a warm spring contributed to an ample fruit set; the unimpeded sun allowed for glorious ripening, culminating in a deeply concentration of flavors that radiates remarkably in this Opus One.

Boasting a vivid crimson robe, the bouquet wafts of layered aromatics - revealing black fruits, plums, graphite and touches of mocha. The palate subsequently explodes with a potpourri of rich dark fruit, cassis, hinting at nuances of cigar box and leather.


Investing in Excellence

This 2002 Opus from Opus One not only signifies an investment in fine wine but an appreciation for winemaking artistry at its best. The balance between power and finesse displays formidable ageing potential and promising returns for connoisseurs and investors alike.


A Red Carpet Revelation

In summary, the 2002 Opus One is a remarkable visualisation of the American Dream in vinous form. A journey begun with free-spirited optimism that has fruitfully evolved into an esteemed legacy in the world of fine wines.

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I tend to think that recent vintages of Opus One are even greater than vintages made during this era, but the 2002 is certainly one of the top wines Opus has produced during the early part of this century. It boasts a dense plum/purple hue along with a striking bouquet of graphite, toasty oak, creme de cassis and acacia flowers. Full-bodied, opulent and young, it offers accessibility as well as silky tannins. A thoroughly complete wine that is pure and rich, it tastes like a hypothetical blend of a great Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon married to a Bordeaux Pauillac. Bravo! It will benefit from 2-3 more years of cellaring and should keep for 20-25 thereafter. Tel. (707) 944-9442; Fax (707) 948-2497

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2012

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