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2005 Opus One

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2005 Opus One from Opus One, Napa Valley, USA

Bringing to the palate a tale of climatic serenity, the 2005 Opus One from Opus One emerges as an emblematic chronicle of its Napa Valley roots. This allotment resonates with a symphony of Cabernet Sauvignon’s resounding depth embracing the graciousness of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Malbec.


An Ode to Perfection

Incorporating a menu of surgical extraction methods and selective winemaking techniques, the Yountville influence is unmistakably etched upon this wine. 2005 for Napa was a year of slow ripening and meek rainfall; conditions that birthed expressive tannins and profound minerality in its produce. The smooth undulations of the Oakville terrain are mirrored in subtle layers of graphite, cloves, and espresso swirling amidst black cherry and cassis elements.


Celebrating an Unrivalled Vintage

The weather symphony for the vintage 2005 in Napa struck all the right chords. An idyllic spring followed by temperate summer months culminated in considerable hang time on the vine for the grapes. This encouraged ripe fruit expression without sacrificing tannin development or acid structure - hallmarks of some fine wines from USA not least this illustrious 2005 Opus One.

This fine wine forms a tapestry of Napa's diverse panorama, captured within an elegant framework of fruit-centric vitality expertly infused with oak-derived complexity. It does not solely showcase the winemaker's mastery but is also a reflection of Mother Nature's generosity in 2005.

Impressively earthbound yet eloquent, the lasting finish discreetly reveals an unexpected savoury twist that nonchalantly embraces the black fruit core. A stately proclamation of how shrewd viticultural practices aligned with an ideal growing season can create a legendary tale in winemaking, this 2005 Opus One fills the glass with more than just wine - it pours a piece of history.


A Smart Edition to any Portfolio

The 2005 Opus One is more than an indulgence for the palate; it becomes an astute investment addition embodying both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of wine investment. Reflecting both respect and innovation for tradition, each sip is a testament to Opus One's unintimidated approach to winemaking.

A bottle that interlaces both stoicism and vibrancy, this blend promises not only memorable tastings but also a potentially positive trajectory on the investment front.

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This famous wine, first created by the late Baron Philippe de Rothschild and the late Robert Mondavi, started off life as a very good, but rarely exceptional wine. Over the last ten or more years, the administration at Mouton Rothschild, particularly the team led by Philippe Dhalluin, has truly pushed the level of quality to the point where this is clearly one of the great wines of Napa. And after so many years, it represents the pinnacle of French viticultural knowledge combined with that of California and Napa’s Shangri La-like microclimate. The 2005 Opus One, a blend of 88% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Merlot, 3% Petit Verdot, 3% Cabernet Franc and 1% Malbec, has a ruby/purple color and a beautiful, sweet nose of créme de cassis and spring flowers. Complex and medium to full-bodied, with silky tannin and superb purity and balance, this is exactly what Opus One was meant to be when it was first proposed. Of course, it is a popular wine to criticize, but the quality has never been better, and certainly 2005 is a beauty. It is reaching full maturity at ten years, but I think there is still another 10-15+ years of upside potential in this wine. It is full-bodied, opulent and, dare I say, delicious. Given its popularity and brand recognition, it’s nice to know that even at a major steak house you can probably find this wine and be thrilled to buy it and drink it.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 28 June 2015

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