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2006 Opus One

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2006 Opus One from Opus One, Napa Valley, USA

Investors will rejoice as we spotlight the remarkable 2006 Opus One from Opus One. A triumphant pact between two of the wine world's biggest names - Baron Philippe de Rothschild and Robert Mondavi - the estate stands as a testament to their shared vision of crafting the finest wines from the USA, particularly Opus One's home turf, Napa Valley.


A Symphony of Flavours in Every Sip

The acclaimed 2006 vintage is characterized by an exceptional balance and venerable presence. Cultivated in a year marked by a perfect blend of cool mornings and sun-drenched afternoons, the grapes for this red blend were allowed to ripen slowly, achieving an attractive melange of maturity and elegant acidity.

This powerhouse vintage delivers an intriguing harmony of dark expressive fruit, cassis, and violets on the nose along with well-integrated tannins contributing to a velvety, rich mouthfeel. Through the palate, it takes you on a voyage, revealing layers of black cherries encapsulated with hints of cedar and spicy clove. The finish is remarkably long, with nuances of chocolate and espresso coming forth.


2006 – A Year to Remember

The 2006 season was punctuated by mild spring temperatures followed by a steadily warm summer leading to an early harvest, which contributed to smaller berries possessing intense concentration of flavours - an enticing factor for fine wine investors. The weather conditions gave splendid vigour to the 2006 Opus One.


Elevate Your Portfolio with 2006 Opus One

As an investment wine, 2006 Opus One offers ample promise. While the robe of time has softened its edges, it has not dampened its vivacity nor its capacity to evolve further. This vintage makes for an appealing addition for those looking to include USA's robust and dependable vintages in their collection. Canvassing a smooth blend between elegance and structure, the 2006 Opus One balances the scales between immediate indulgence and long-term maturation potential.

Exhibition of unparalleled refinement and an undeniable age-worthiness, plus the prestige tied to the Opus One label constitutes a compelling case for investing in this 2006 treasure. As one of the most distinguished fine wines from USA, the 2006 Opus One certifies its presence as an investment-grade asset class, assuring investors that beneath the cork, lies fine wine poetry awaiting to be savored over time.

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The 2006 comes across as a bigger, more structured wine than the 2007. The tannins are bolder, more dramatic, and more present. The wine displays impressive depth, not the velvety elegance of the 2007, but is a more muscular wine that begs for 2-3 years of cellaring and should drink well for 20-25 years. Tel. (707)948-2425; fax (707) 948-2497

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 21 December 2009

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