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2007 Opus One

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2007 Opus One from Opus One, Napa Valley, USA

The 2007 vintage of Opus One from Opus One was a testament to what optimal growing conditions in the prestigious Napa Valley can accomplish. The vintage had a long, dry summer punctuated by a burst of late-season warmth, creating a wine of exceptional character and complexity.


A Harmonious Meeting of Varietals

This distinctive cuvée combines the undeniable strength of Cabernet Sauvignon with the subtlety and finesse of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Malbec. The result is an assertive yet elegant fusion that reflects both the robustness and suppleness of its remarkable terroir.

Upon opening, the 2007 Opus One reveals itself gradually like an unfolding sonnet. Its striking nose of rich black currant and smoky tobacco is majestically underscored by layers of silky dark chocolate and spiced plums.


An Excellent Candidate for Rewarding Wine Investments

The palate takes one on a journey through matured red fruits, hints of truffles, embracing a perfect balance between tannins and acidity. This structure coupled with its lasting, lavish finish make it an ideal addition for sophisticated wine investors looking at enriching their portfolio with fine wines from USA.

The 2007 Opus One represents one of those rare occasions when the winemaker's craft aligns beautifully with Mother Nature's generosity. Longevity is undeniably one of its major assets, testifying to a transformational journey where it matures from youthful exuberance to dignified sophistication.

This harmony is what positions the 2007 Opus One from Opus One as one of those unique, highly sought-after vintages that any discerning wine connoisseur would pride in owning, and whose value is only projected to appreciate over the coming years.

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Two of the strongest wines ever made at Opus One, the 2007 has terrific black currant fruit, licorice, incense, and subtle smoke, an opulent, even voluptuous mouthfeel, dazzling purity and texture, and a skyscraper-like mouthfeel. This is a sensational Opus One, with sweet tannin and impressive precision and depth. It can be drunk now or cellared for 25+ years. Tel. (707)948-2425; fax (707) 948-2497

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 21 December 2009

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