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2014 Opus One

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The 2014 Opus One from Opus One, Napa Valley, USA

The 2014 vintage from the legendary Opus One vineyard finds an exceedingly compelling roster teeming with majestic encounters. This beguiling journey commences as soon as you lay your eyes on the richly coloured spectacle of the wine, a solid enchanted homage to the hearty terroir of Napa Valley.


Exceptional Influence of a Temperate Season

Notably, 2014 was a year marked by an early, dry and moderate growing season in comparison to preceding years. These harmonious environmental conditions unabashedly leant themselves to the articulate expression captured within this sophisticated specimen of viticultural artistry. The essence of its birthplace imprinted itself onto each grape harvested that year, ensuring a distinctive character that sets this wine apart from its siblings.


Fruit-forward yet gracefully structured

The 2014 Opus One unveils itself through an enthralling display of black fruits fused with the profound resonance of finely integrated oak. On the palate, it sings a melodious song of crimson cherries & elderberries cloaked in velvety smooth tannins. The waltz ends with subtle whiffs of vanilla, drawn-out in a relentless, lingering finale that embraces your senses.

In the seemingly labyrinthine world of fine wines, the wines from USA have their unique story to tell. And amidst them all, stands this elegant tapestry weaved by 'Opus One', resolute, resilient and utterly captivating; A narrative that is indeed ONE of the best.


A strategic stake for any discerning wine investor

Napa Valley vintages never fail to surprise investors with their impressive maturation potential and ability to hold their own in an international market that seldom looks beyond the revered old-world wines. The 2014 Opus One, in this regard, is no exception. A magnificent amalgamation of ripe fruit flavors harmoniously cadenced by a complex structure ensures this wine is ripe with potential – an apt testament to the enduring allure of fine wines from USA as worthy investment contenders.

As we contemplate the 2014 Opus One from Opus One, appreciation revolves not just around the layers of its taste profile, but also its grand symphony of an unforgettable vintage- a compelling orchestra underpinned by an innate ability to age gracefully, securing its status as a stunning addition to any fine wine investment portfolio.

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Deep garnet colored, the 2014 Opus One opens with youthful notes of warm blackberries, chocolate-covered cherries, redcurrant jelly and blackcurrant pastilles with hints of bay leaves, tobacco leaf and underbrush. Medium to full-bodied, firm and grainy with a lively backbone and tightly wound black and red berry layers, it finishes with a compelling herbal lift.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 26 February 2021

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