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2000 Scarecrow

By Scarecrow

2000 Scarecrow from Scarecrow, Napa Valley

Stepping onto the dais of iconic wines from USA, the 2000 Scarecrow is a luxury wine that established its stature into the halls of fine wines. It is the offspring of an illustrious marriage between artistry and nature, the fruit from the venerable J.J. Cohn Estate, hailed for its previous contributions to legendary Opus One and Insignia vintages.


Inspired by a Vision, Nurtured by Clime

Birthed from some of America's oldest Cabernet vines – tightly huddled for warmth in Napa’s unexpectedly cool ‘00 season – the 2000 Scarecrow reflects a rare equilibrium of profound complexity and youthful vigour - making it an engaging anomaly among wine investments.

Rain-kissed blossoms, fresh cassis, darkest chocolate – the perfume teases you forth; it's as if the Scarecrow were whispering tales of its sojourn in ancient alluvial soil, basking under a gentle Californian sun.


Synchrony in Complexity and Elegance

Upon tasting, it transports one on a rollercoaster through sweet-savoury landscapes. Initial impressions are guided by succulent black fruits, a nod to the Napa terroir. And then – something remarkable happens - echoes of pencil lead, seared cedar, Cuban cigar, subliminal traceries apparent only on revisitation – it's as if you're privy to a secret whispered by this fine wine from USA’s playground.

The broad mouth-feel manifests both huskiness of tannin and vitality of acidity. This is not a wine meant for sipping - it’s to be savoured, with each sip revealing the astonishing complex musicality of its parts acting out their solo acts before blending into a haunting chorus.


A Wine That Loves The Long Game

Speaking of this 2000 Scarecrow and its fellow Rutherford dust philosophers, it's clear that they contemplate the chronology of consumption. You can promptly uncork the magic or let it haunt your wine cellar for years. This charming prospect is what gives it a unique appeal to fine wine investors, by playing both a valuable strategic role and ensuring diversification within their wine investment portfolio.

In essence, the 2000 Scarecrow offers an unfolding narrative, an enigmatic conversation between today and tomorrow; between fruit and minerality; between vision and legacy. A wine that simultaneously sings a hymn to its hallowed past and hints at an exciting future.

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