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2006 Scarecrow

By Scarecrow

2006 Scarecrow from Scarecrow, Rutherford AVA, Napa Valley

Heed my words, fine wine connoisseurs and investors alike. The 2006 Scarecrow from Scarecrow etches its unique hallmark on the canvas of vintages tasted and celebrated. Evocative of an affluent legacy with roots firmly planted in the gravelly, loamy soils of Rutherford, this remarkable capitalist in the fine wines from USA market stands tall and proud in Napa Valley's wine pantheon.


Distinct vintage character, wise investment

2006 was a notable year for Napa Valley, a generous season that saw late bud break and late flowering, which allowed for the full expression of flavour profiles. It offered a beautifully rich culmination to the ripening process - a significant factor that sets the 2006 Scarecrow apart from its siblings.

The resulting wine exudes graceful confidence and virtuosic mastery. Cabernet Sauvignon is the conductor here, elegantly weaving dark fruit intensity with velutinous tannins and a cadenza of spice notes.


A climax of conditions, remarkable memorability

Napa Valley's 2006 vintage will linger in one’s reminiscence as much as this Scarecrow tantalises taste buds with its layered symphony of ripe blackcurrant and succulent black cherry. An unassuming hint of chocolate truffle teases towards the end before succumbing to a finish steeped in poise and longevity.

In essence, if you're considering delving into the investment treasury that is fine wines from USA or seeking to expand your portfolio with exemplary Napa Cabernet Sauvignons, let 2006 Scarecrow reverberate through your considerations. Its reputation, lingering sensory pleasure and cleaved testament to a remarkable vintage articulate an epic tale of careful cultivation, skillful wine craft and ultimate enjoyment.

2006 Scarecrow - a testament to a gratifying year in Napa Valley's fine wine history and one that persists as an astute investment option. Its elegant aria is a refrain to be relished indeed.

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The full-bodied 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon does not possess any of the hard, foreboding tannins found in some 2006 Cabernets, but rather, it displays a silky, velvety personality. Although not as nuanced or complex as the 2005, it is a brilliant wine offering generous levels of black currant fruit intermixed with graphite, scorched earth, and a hint of underlying smoke. It will be surprisingly delicious early in its life but capable of lasting two-plus decades. One of the true blue chip vineyards and wines of Napa Valley, winemaker Celia Masyczek fashions approximately 400 cases of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from a legendary Rutherford vineyard with 60-year old vines. Aged in 100% new oak, this cuvee reveals a very singular character. If California vineyards were ever classified a la French sites, this Rutherford terroir would be judged a grand cru. Tel. (707) 963-3361; Fax (707) 968-9367

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 21 December 2008

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