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2010 Scarecrow

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2010 Scarecrow from Scarecrow, Napa Valley, USA

Muse over one of the most sought-after expressions from Rutherford, Napa Valley; the 2010 Scarecrow. This prestigious label was born on a historical site, whose vines have their roots deeply entrenched in the valley’s fertile soil for countless decades.


Catching the Rhythm of Napa Valley

The creative vision behind Scarecrow's fine wines from USA is to calibrate harmony between the grape’s expression and the attributes of Rutherford’s famed 'dusty' terroir. The embodiment of this narrative was undeniably expressed in the 2010 vintage. A cool season and late harvest ensured a prolonged ripening period balancing elegant acidity with superb phenolic maturity.

The result is an epitome of Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2010 Scarecrow brims with charming complexity; crushed blackcurrants intermingle with moist earth while undertones of incense, cigars and spice emanate in background. Embodying an irresistible tension, the wine's tannins are silky yet able to stand up to decades of cellaring, making this an incredibly promising investment opportunity for fine wine collectors.


An Emblematic Vintage

In the annals of California winemaking, 2010 represents a high point for grace and finesse over sheer force. The challenging climatic conditions crafted wines that were anything but ordinary, ensuring their lasting impression and memorable charm.

For oenologists, the 2010 Scarecrow holds layers upon layers of subtle nuances to discover and savor. For wine investors, it presents a tangible opportunity to augment their portfolio with a vintage that stands as one among Napa Valley's greatest treasures.

Justifiably exalted, the 2010 Scarecrow signifies an emblematic milestone embodying the drama and dynamism of Napa Valley. Reflecting the roots of its heritage, it is a testament to Napa's resilient nature and Scarecrow's enduring commitment to excellence.

Indeed, in the realm of fine wines from USA, Scarecrow does more than just stand in the vineyard - it proudly represents the rich legacy of Rutherford's unique terroir and is a constant reminder to us of the magic that Napa Valley can weave into each bottle.

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Tasting the three most recent vintages of the Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon was not only a privilege, but also an intellectual and hedonistic turn-on. The 2010 Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon (100% Cabernet Sauvignon) is a magnificent wine. Full-bodied and opulent with terrific purity, an intriguing, gravelly, wet stone-like minerality, and a sensational perfume, it has a spectacular finish that lasted over 45 seconds, offering up copious quantities of black currants, black cherries, cedar and vanillin. It is one of the superstars of the vintage. It is accessible now because of the sweetness of the tannins, but make no mistake, there is plenty of structure underlying the luxurious fruit levels. It should drink well for 30+ years. These have been enviable wines since I first started tasting them thanks primarily to Celia Welch, the consulting winemaker at this historic estate in Rutherford. They have added a quasi-second wine called M. Etain, which is brilliantly packaged. Of course, it is what’s in the bottle that really counts. Tel. (707) 963-3361

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2013

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