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2012 Scarecrow

By Scarecrow

2012 Scarecrow by Scarecrow, Napa Valley

The 2012 Scarecrow from Scarecrow is a prime example of a harmonious relationship between climate and terroir. In stark contrast to the unseasonably cool preceding vintages, the growing season in Napa Valley in 2012 was near perfection, allowing the Cabernet Sauvignon to reach optimum ripeness, and imbued the wines with rich yet balanced fruit characters.


The Terroir's Gift: Unique Complexity

Well adorable for its age-worthy typicality, the 2012 Scarecrow is a heady symphony of deep blackcurrant fruit, earthy graphite nuances, and a whiff of old cigar box cinema. Crafted on the historic J.J. Cohn Estate in Rutherford, this vintage benefits from soils high in gravel content - promoting exceptional drainage whilst stressing the vines, resulting in concentrated berries packed with core flavours.


A Testament of Climatic Serenity

The favourable climatic conditions of 2012 also played a crucial role. Notable was the long and moderate summer that spanned into early fall - retrograding any agony of heat stress for the vines. The result is a vintage characterized by its sweet fruit core enveloped gracefully by velvety tannins, unveiling the nuance of restrained power and eloquent composure.


Inimitable Ageing Potential: An Investment Delight

While highly palatable now, the complexity and structure of this wine, combined with the favourable characteristics of its 2012 vintage undoubtedly promise exciting ageing potential. The latter quality makes it particularly alluring for fine wine investors looking for wines that can stand the test of time. Invest in this gem from Scarecrow today to derive both gustatory pleasure and considerable value appreciation in the years to come.

The 2012 Scarecrow from Scarecrow - an unparalleled culminence of commitment, terroir endowment and capricious clime's blessing - undeniably assumes its place among the pinnacle echelon of fine wines from USA. An emblematic vintage that demands the spotlight yet subtly whispers its potency. Just as mystery enhances allure, the future promises a profound journey of discovery for those who dare venture this vinous rite of passage.

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The classic 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon included fruit from the 2-acre, old vine parcel that is nearly 70 years of age. It boasts an opaque purple color as well as copious notes of spring flowers, blackberries, black raspberries and wet rocks. The wine’s gravelly minerality and spectacular opulence and density make it an instant classic. This massive, full-bodied 2012 should drink beautifully for 15-20+ years. It showed incredibly well last year, and it still reveals the potential to possibly merit a 3-digit score – it’s that special.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2014

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