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2015 Scarecrow

By Scarecrow

2015 Scarecrow from Scarecrow, Napa Valley, USA

The 2015 Scarecrow represents a harmonious synergy between established viticultural flair of Scarecrow and the unique climatic serendipity of the vintage. This is not merely a stunning example of Californian viticulture but an emblem in the realm of fine wines from the USA.


Outstanding olfactory engagement

The bottle unveils a potpourri of rich notes – ripe black cherries set off by streaks of cassis; cocoa and hints of nutmeg, rendered almost ethereal due to the shadows of dried rose petals. The terroir can clearly be discerned as varietal purity takes centre stage.


Magnificent mouthfeel and texture

The 2015 Scarecrow seizes the palate with a rich intensity that luxates by soft tannins and ambrosial plushness. Yet, it amazes with its restraint. The extended growing season has allowed for greater depth of flavours and complexity.


Cherishing the challenges thrown by Mother Nature

The year 2015 was a challenging one for Napa Valley. Drought-like conditions, coupled with a cooler than average summer, resulted in smaller yields but extraordinary concentration in berries. This seems underscored in every sip of the 2015 Scarecrow.


An Investment in today’s legacy for tomorrow's reward

A wine portfolio boasting this vintage is sure to shine as considerably as the wine itself. This one-off specimen truly defines 'Unicorn' wine status and serves as one-level higher than a standardised form of liquid asset.

Savouring the 2015 Scarecrow is an exploration of the wine's trajectory from its birth in an unpredictable season to its maturation within the bottle. Years from now, on uncorking, it is sure to evoke similar emotions and memories. Now that’s what you call a fresco in a glass!

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Produced from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, the 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon leaps from the glass with gorgeous floral notes of red roses and lilacs over a core of black and red cherries, crushed black currants and baking spices plus hints of iron ore and dusty earth. The voluptuous, rounded, soft and sexy fruit slinks across the palate with incredible seamlessness and expression. Make no mistake, it is full-bodied and decadently powerful, but with a myriad of aromatic nuances, finishing long, layered and boldly perfumed.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 31 October 2017

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