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2008 Chateau Cantemerle

By Chateau Cantemerle

2008 Chateau Cantemerle from Chateau Cantemerle, Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux

The 2008 vintage of Bordeaux has often been overshadowed by its illustrious neighbours in time, the legendary 2005 and 2009 vintages. However, connoisseurs who have closely followed the evolution of these wines know there is a hidden gem amongst them – the 2008 Chateau Cantemerle from Chateau Cantemerle. This particular harvest in the Haut-Médoc was marked by meteorological whimsy, culminating in a growing season that truly tested the mettle of the vignerons.


Artful Expression Through Challenge

In a year where the elements played a capricious dance - cool temperatures, sporadic showers and an Indian summer that arrived just in the nick of time to redeem the vintage - even the most hardened wine investment circles took note. The 2008 vintage from Chateau Cantemerle resonates as a testament to their expertise and artistry in vine management and winemaking. It stands out for its accomplished elegance, subtlety, and balance that only deftly handled adversity can craft.


The Quintessence of Terroir and Temperament

This particular pour from the Haut-Médoc appellation offers investors both a delightful drinking experience and a fascinating tale of a vintage narrative. Upon decanting, it reveals layers of complexity; ripe tannins are now softening beautifully, interwoven with a nuanced bouquet of blackcurrant, cedar and subtle hints of truffle emerging as it matures. At once invigorating yet mellowed, the 2008 vintage captures an impeccable equilibrium, a hallmark of less exalted years that age with grace and quiet confidence.

Rare is the opportunity to immerse oneself in such a compelling synthesis of challenge met with finesse. For enthusiasts poised at the intersection of gustatory pleasure and vinous scholarship, adding the 2008 Chateau Cantemerle to one's portfolio is not just an investment; it's an acquisition of Bordeaux history.

In conclusion, those seeking understated brilliance in their collection will find the 2008 Chateau Cantemerle from Chateau Cantemerle to be a resplendent choice. Its evolving maturity signifies both a prudent investment and an enriching drinking adventure that will continue to please palates for many years to come.

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Cantemerle tends to produce somewhat understated and restrained, but finesse-filled wines. The medium-bodied 2008 offers elegant notes of raspberries, red currants, crushed rocks and oak backed up by good concentration, sweet tannin and no hard edges. Drink it over the next 10-12 years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 1 May 2011

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