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2012 Chateau Cantemerle

By Chateau Cantemerle

2012 Chateau Cantemerle from Chateau Cantemerle, Haut-Medoc, Bordeaux

In the rolling vineyards of Haut-Medoc lies a historical emblem of viticulture, Chateau Cantemerle. Their 2012 vintage encapsulates a year where skill triumphed over climatic challenges, offering a wine with graceful ageing potential and complexity that rewards the patient investor.


A Vintage Defying Expectation

The 2012 growing season in Bordeaux presented its vignerons with hurdles; an erratic spring was succeeded by a dry summer, with sporadic rainfall. And yet, the tenacity of Chateau Cantemerle's team is resplendently evident in this vintage. Through turbulent weather and careful stewardship of the estate's vineyards, they have crafted a wine that holds both elegance and resilience in its structure.


Composition and Climatic Harmony

Its blend—classic Haut-Medoc, predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with dashes of Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc—shows poise and depth. The cooler interludes during the 2012 summer allowed for subtle expression of fruit to shine against an earthy backdrop. Swirls of cassis and hints of cedar intermingle with gentle tannins that whisper the promise of longevity.

The palate expresses a harmonious balance between dark fruit notes and savoury tones—a result of the vintage's late-harvest phenolic ripeness blended with adept cellaring potential. Indeed, as I reflect upon prior tastings, it is clear that the 2012 Chateau Cantemerle stands as one of those Bordeaux offerings which continue to evolve, revealing nuanced layers through the years.

This vintage from Chateau Cantemerle is indeed an astute acquisition for discerning palates seeking to diversify their portfolios with a wine emblematic of Haut-Medoc's unique terroir. Its evolving complexity through time makes it not only a refined drinking choice but also an apt consideration for investors looking at maturation rewards.


Concluding Note: A Worthy Candidate for Maturation

To curate a collection inclusive of remarkable vintages is to acknowledge those like the 2012 Chateau Cantemerle—a testament to oenological finesse amid adversity. It emerges as a contender for cellars dedicated to maturity, promising to unveil intricate dimensions with each forthcoming year.

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With a dense, ruby/purple color, low acidity, ripe tannin and well above-average depth, this is really an elegant, cleanly made, pure style of wine, with floral notes, mixed with blueberry and black cherry. It’s medium bodied, with light tannin and is best drunk over the next 10-12 years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2015

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