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1986 Lascombes

By Chateau Lascombes

1986 Lascombes from Chateau Lascombes, Margaux, Bordeaux

As one delves into the rich tapestry of Bordeaux's vinicultural history, vintage specificity becomes paramount. The 1986 vintage stands as a monument to this truth - a year that distinguished itself by conditions that fostered remarkable longevity in its offspring. In particular, the 1986 Lascombes from Chateau Lascombes reflects a microcosm of the finesse that has come to define the Margaux appellation in such an auspicious year.


Opulent Offerings: Investing in Timelessness

Chateau Lascombes has consistently adorned the list of fine wine collectors and astute investors seeking both pleasure and potential in liquid form. Crafting wines that branch out beyond ephemeral enjoyment to becoming integral threads within the investment tapestry is no minor feat. This foresight into investable vintages continues to be vindicated as bottles such as the 1986 Lascombes evolve with grace through the decades.


An Epochal Vintage Embodied

The growing season of 1986 in Margaux was characterised by ample sunshine and optimal dryness, essentials that laid the foundation for grapes achieving exceptional ripeness with taut structure. In my recent tasting, the 1986 vintage synthesised profound depth with complex bouquets of cassis, aging leather, and a subtle suggestion of earthy truffles hinting at its venerable age.

The palate revealed remarkably preserved tannins, silky and integrative, unearthing a treasure trove of black cherry, licorice nuances and an insistently elegant finish. Undoubtedly, time has been a gallant cohort to the 1986 Lascombes, delivering to us a wine still in resplendent bloom.

In sum, this laudable offering from Chateau Lascombes encapsulates the essence of a bygone era's classicism yet remains unremittingly relevant in today's market for fine wines. As each vintage adds another stratum to Bordeaux's rich mosaic of historical brilliance, establishments like Cult Wines become custodians of such legacies – a role we fulfil with utmost pride and diligence.

Suffice it to say, the 1986 Lascombes stands not merely as a testament to the acumen of Chateau Lascombes' winemaking prowess but also embodies a compelling proposition for oenophiles and investors alike - where beauty and value coalesce under the banner of one truly distinguished vintage.

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The 1986 has been on a downhill slide since I first tasted it and rated it 83. The wine is diluted and weedy, with no intensity or concentration. At present, it exhibits a shallow garnet color with considerable lightening at the edge. The nose is filled with aromas of roasted vegetables and washed-out red currant and cherry fruit. Earth, tannin, and acidity dominate this meagerly-endowed wine. It has no place to go but down. Anticipated maturity: Now. Last tasted 3/97.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 31 December 1997

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