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1999 Lascombes

By Chateau Lascombes

1999 Lascombes from Château Lascombes, Margaux, Bordeaux

The 1999 vintage from Château Lascombes encapsulates a unique chapter in the annals of Bordeaux's rich winemaking heritage. A year that many connoisseurs remember for its challenges, it nonetheless yielded gems that now emerge with the grace of maturity.


A Testament to Vinicultural Resilience

Nestled within the esteemed confines of Margaux, Château Lascombes has fostered a distinguished legacy. The 1999 Lascombes bears testament to the estate's commitment to excellence despite a growing season that tested vintners' resolve. I recall the spring frosts that year and the ensuing battles against nature faced by producers across the region.


Complexity and Character: Investment Worthiness

The 1999 Lascombes presents itself with an opulent bouquet; a cornucopia of ripe blackcurrants and sultry plums, enlivened by an underpinning of cedar and tobacco leaf - a paean to traditional Margaux finesse. With terroir-driven subtlety, this vintage expresses the characteristic balance between masculine structure and feminine elegance typical of Château Lascombes.

Fine wine investors often seek out vintages like the 1999 for their developing complexity and investment pedigree. In this bottle, time has worked its alchemy, softening the tannins and interlacing the primary fruit character with more evolved notes of forest floor and leather, suggestive of the vintage's progression through its evolution arc. My latest tasting revealed a breathtaking experience; an exquisite testament to both the resilience and adaptability of Margaux terroir under duress.

In summation, the 1999 Lascombes from Château Lascombes majestically straddles two decades, showcasing maturity with an enduring vitality. This vintage holds a special place as one deeply reflective of both the year's initial scepticism and its ultimate triumph. It stands not only as a pivotal investment-worthy collectible but also as a beacon of Bordeaux's unyielding quest for vinous excellence, no matter the whims of weather.

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A deep garnet core with thin tawny rim. Looks quite mature for a 9-year old Cru Classe. The nose is open-knit, forward, a little muffled with notes of soy and liquorice. It lacks the complexity and breeding one would expect, ditto the palate that is expressive and forward, lacking real vigour and definitely in need of backbone. Soft tannins, a little diffuse with notes of blackberry, soy and a touch of pain grille. It is enjoyable in a facile kind of way, but not the kind of Bordeaux that reaffirms its reputation as the greatest wine region in the world. Drink now-2012. Tasted May 2008.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jul 2008


No tasting note available.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 20 April 2000

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