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2014 Lascombes

By Chateau Lascombes

2014 Lascombes from Château Lascombes, Margaux, Bordeaux

Nestled in the illustrious Margaux appellation, the 2014 Lascombes from Château Lascombes unfurls a tale of climatic tenacity and enological adroitness. The vintage, shaped by variable weather and an atypically sun-drenched August, bestowed upon these vines a challenge to which they responded with grace and vitality.


Distinctive Elegance: An Astute Acquisition

For investors and aficionados alike, understanding the nuances of this vintage is key to appreciating its value. The 2014 Lascombes has emerged as one of the stars from a region that saw many vintners grappling with nature's fickleness. It is a testament to the precision of the winemaking team at Château Lascombes, who masterfully administered the balance between technological expertise and traditional methods to draw forth a wine of poise.


A Rich Tapestry of Flavours

In the glass, this Margaux presents a confident ruby hue — an overture to its complex bouquet. On approach, scents of dark cherries and seasoned oak mingle with whispers of violet and graphite—a sensual prelude to a palate layered with ripe tannins. The 2014 Lascombes sustains the symphony: ripe blackcurrant notes harmonise with a touch of cedarwood and tobacco, yielding a wine that is both opulent and structured.

The finish lingers with an aristocratic distinction that aligns well with the virtues for which Margaux wines are renowned—a sturdy candidate for laying down and a convivial companion to flourish in the company of time.

As I reverently savour each sip, the 2014 Lascombes substantiates its position as one of the compelling narratives within the vintage's anthology, undeniably an astute addition for those looking to enhance their collection with a wine exhibiting both immediate grace and potential for evolution.


Conclusion: Sophisticated Potential

The 2014 Lascombes from Château Lascombes encapsulates the spirited resilience inherent in Bordeaux's terroir. With its elegant bouquet and structural finesse, this vintage offers investors not just a sumptuous Margaux but an articulation of the year's story—one that will undoubtedly accrue interest as it matures gracefully within their cellars.

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Tim Atkin - (04/2015)


The 2014 Lascombes was perplexing when I tasted it multiple times from barrel. Now in bottle, it has a generous, warm bouquet with chestnut-tinged black fruit, hints of cedar filtering through with time. The palate is medium-bodied with supple tannin, smooth in texture with ample blackberry and blueberry fruit, although my main criticism is lack of detail and delineation on the finish. Ergo, you don't feel enthused about returning for another sip.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 31 March 2017

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