Chateau Rauzan Segla   Chateau Rauzan Segla

2002 Chateau Rauzan-Segla

By Chateau Rauzan-Segla

2002 Chateau Rauzan-Segla from Chateau Rauzan-Segla, Margaux, Bordeaux

An exploration of the 2002 vintage from the venerable Chateau Rauzan-Segla reveals a compelling account of resilience and grace under the less-than-ideal growing conditions that year wrought upon Margaux, Bordeaux. The 2002 Chateau Rauzan-Segla stands as testimony to the meticulous care and tenacity of its creators, solidifying its stature as a formidable selection for discerning collectors and investors alike.


Timeworn Elegance in a Bottle

While 2002 was beset by climatic challenges, what emerged from the hallowed halls of Chateau Rauzan-Segla is nothing short of marvellous. Displaying an accolade-worthy poise, the vintage masses a complex bouquet swirling with dark cherries, hints of tobacco, and a whisper of violet, underscored by a subtle earthiness mirroring the delicate interplay between soil and vine.


Quintessential Margaux Terroir

The 2002 vintage articulates the intimate intricacies of its birthplace through a refined structure and sinuous tannins, whose integration over time has evolved into an enigmatic yet harmonious dance. This vintage captures an ensemble of characteristics singular to Margaux's terroir – a terroir famed for its deep gravel beds that proffer both distress and vigour to the residing vines. The wine's palate resonates with Margaux finesse, offering plummy depths that glaze over a backbone of cassis and oak-tinged whispers fashioned during its maturation.


A Fateful Vintage with Fortuitous Foresight

Sober reflection on this year uncovers pockets of sunshine amidst the showers that shaped this distinctive expression of Bordeaux winemaking. With nearly two decades of rest within its château-sourced confines, the 2002 Chateau Rauzan-Segla boasts a commended stability in profile. It charms with maturity that will undoubtedly continue to unfold gracefully, much to the delight of those wise enough to have secured provisions within their vinous portfolio.

As I articulate my final reflections on the 2002 Chateau Rauzan-Segla from Chateau Rauzan-Segla, I am persuaded most by its testament to a vintage where precision amidst adversity begot a wine brimming with sophistication and depth. The vintage is one for an investor seeking continuity in excellence from the soils of Bordeaux—an investable asset sparkling with aged distinction.

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Deep garnet-brick colored, the 2002 Rauzan-Ségla is intensely scented of dried mulberries, fig paste, crème de cassis and prunes, with hints of Chinese five spice, leather and dried roses. The medium-bodied palate sports fully mature dried berries and exotic spice notes with a chewy texture and nice refreshing finish. This is in its drinking window sweet-spot right now and should hold for a further 5-6 years. The blend this year is 58% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot, 2% Cabernet Franc and 5% Petit Verdot, harvested between September 28 and October 10 at an average yield of 27 hectoliters per hectare. It was aged for 18 months in French oak, 53% new. The alcohol is 13%.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 9 April 2020

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