Giacomo Conterno   Barolo

2014 Barolo

By Giacomo Conterno

2014 Barolo from Giacomo Conterno, Piedmont, Italy

Imbued with an aura of romantic Northern Italy, the 2014 Barolo from Giacomo Conterno prevails as a testament to the harmonious dance between the earth's generosity and man's skill. Piemonte’s 2014 vintage was altered by an unusually cool summer and a wet August, but the warm and dry September allowed for an even ripening, endowing the Nebbiolo grapes with a sublime balance of acidity and sweetness.


The Elegance of 2014

This 2014 Barolo exhibits a perfect symphony of flavours, displaying earthy tobacco and liquorice undertones offset by lusciously ripe fruits of cherry and raspberry. Tantalising notes of rose petals and truffles beckon you deeper into each swirling glassful. Unlike its seasoned and bold predecessors, this 2014 vintage presents a restrained elegance drawn from its climatic conditions, whispering its subtlety in each sip rather than announcing it loudly.


Valuing Conterno's Craftsmanship

Always at the forefront of viticultural artistry, Giacomo Conterno's winery has delivered yet another deserving addition to the lineage of fine wines from Italy. Investment in such a bottle offers not only a rich taste narrative but also recompense for those who appreciate the delicate complexity and attentive craftsmanship that our protagonist Giacomo Conterno brings to each vintage.


A Fine Wine Investment Tip for the Astute

Fellow oenophiles may note that the cooler growing season has impacted the longevity of these wines – resulting in a quicker evolvement than those vintages borne out of warmer climes. This makes the 2014 Barolo from Giacomo Conterno an appealing option for those seeking shorter term investments with promising returns.

And so ends my passion-filled testimony for this delightfully lucid, yet deep 2014 Barolo - resplendent in its ruby red glory and resolute in its harmonious dance of flavours. A vintage that certainly occupies a special corner in the grand tapestry of fine Italian wines, as both an anecdote of nature's whims and a hymn to human mastery.

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