Giacomo Conterno   Barolo

2015 Barolo

By Giacomo Conterno

2015 Barolo from Giacomo Conterno, Italy

A characteristically high-achiever, Giacomo Conterno, has masterfully bottled the spirit of the 2015 growing season with their sublime Barolo. The year was characterised by a warm and dry summer followed by temperate conditions in the autumn that rapidly brought on mature ripeness, yielding energetic and concentrated fruit.


The Essence of 2015 in a Bottle

In comparison to its deservedly acclaimed siblings, the 2015 Barolo from Giacomo Conterno stands out with its symphony of flavours and impressive structure. Here we find a wine integrated to harmonious perfection—an impressively fashioned artifact driven by matchless expertise of agronomic exploration.

This complex and resilient character is expressly present in their 2015 vintage, embodying the polyphony of wild cherries, strawberries and lavender wafting in on a rich undertow of black truffle, spices and warm earth tones. A testament to this fine pieces of oenological artistry.


Paragon of Wine Investments: 2015 Barolo from Giacomo Conterno

As one delves deeper into the world of fine wines from Italy, appreciating them not merely as gustatory delights but also as opportunities for strategic investments, the prominence of the 2015 Barolo from Giacomo Conterno becomes ever clearer.

The combination of an exceptional year and location, with the rigorous vineyard management practices and winemaking philosophies employed by Giacomo Conterno have given rise to a wine that inevitably draws attention in investment circles.

Elegant in form and robust in constitution, capable of immense development over years to come; this wine presents tremendous options for collectors and investors alike seeking both pleasurable consumption and promising growth.

Thus, the 2015 Barolo from Giacomo Conterno serves as one of the illuminating beacons in the riveting realm of fine wines, epitomising serenity that stems from a blend of excellent vineyard site, favourable climatic conditions, detailed winemaking and ultimate allure of West-facing vineyards in Barolo.

In essence, this Barolo offers not just an investment opportunity, but also a chance to appreciate the pinnacle of Italian winemaking ethnicity. A tasteful embodiment of terroir and time — a wine truly conceived on the vine.

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