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Strong uptick for Rhone Valley exports


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Exports of Rhone Valley wines saw a stable increase last year, according to InterRhone. Total sales in 2017 amounted to 2.7 million hectolitres, with export volumes rising an average of 7%, and values rising 8% from €458m to €493m.

Some 62% of exports went to European markets, followed by the US with 22% and Asia with 12%. The single biggest market remains the UK, despite small declines in volume (3%) and value (4%).

The second biggest market, Belgium, also saw small declines, but the US bucked this trend with a 19% volume increase and 21% value rise.

Germany also saw gains (up 8% in volume and 11% in value), while China steamed ahead with a 50% rise in volume exports and a 43% rise in value.

This heightened demand could translate to increased prices, particularly as 2017’s final yield was lower than usual – 18% down on the three million hectolitres harvested in 2016.

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