Bordeaux 2018

Fine wine news roundup: 25-31 May


Further releases for Bordeaux 2018

Bordeaux 2018 continued apace this week with a large tranche of new releases:

  • Beausejour Duffau 2018, released at €90 – a 19% increase on the 2017 release price.
  • Brane Cantenac 2018, released at €50.40 per bottle – up 7.7% on 2017.
  • Canon 2018, released at €84 per bottle – up 27.3% on last year’s opening price.
  • Canon Gaffeliere 2018, released at €62.40 per bottle – an increase of 13%.
  • Cantenac Brown 2018, released at €38.40 per bottle – up 10% on 2017’s price.
  • Clos Fourtet 2018, released at €81.69 per bottle – up 13.3% on last year.
  • Domaine Chevalier 2018, released at €52.80 per bottle – a rise of 25.7%.
  • Giscours 2018, released at €44.40 per bottle – up 7.2%.
  • Grand Puy Ducasse 2018, released at €26.40 per bottle – an increase of 4.7% on 2017.
  • Issan 2018, released at €45.60 per bottle – up 8.6%.
  • Lascombes 2018, released at €54 per bottle – a 9.8% increase on 2017.
  • Leoville Poyferre 2018, released at €66 per bottle – up 22% on last year.
  • Lynch Bages 2018, released at €90 per bottle – up 20%.
  • Phelan Segur 2018, released at €31.20 per bottle – up 8.3%.
  • Pontet Canet 2018, released at €84 per bottle – up just 5% on last year’s price.
  • Rauzan Segla 2018, released at €72 per bottle – a 36.3% rise on 2017.
  • Troplong Mondont 2018, released at €74.40 per bottle – up just 3.3%.


Christie’s to offer 17th century shipwrecked wine at auction

Auction house Christie’s will have two bottles of 17th century wine recovered from a shipwreck on offer at its next London sale, although they’re not recommended for drinking.

The bottles, containing a red wine, were part of a small collection found on a shipwreck off a German coast in 2010. Fourteen bottles in total were discovered, with one breaking upon retrieval from their resting place in 40-metre-deep mud. Researchers believe the wine was bottled between 1670 and 1690.

According to Christie’s, the bottles – which are expected to sell for up to £30,000 apiece at the sale on 5th-6th June – should be “approached as a lot of historical and vinous importance” as their drinkability is “questionable”.


Pichon Comtesse reveals new look labels

Bordeaux estate Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande has announced new labels for both its Grand Vin and second label, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of renovation work at the property’s winery.

The estate’s marketing director, Charles Fournier, said that the new designs are “purer and have a more modern feel.” Its second wine, Reserve de la Comtesse, has also been given a name change, and will now be known as Pichon Comtesse Reserve.

Both changes will take effect from the 2017 vintage onwards.


Domaine owner ‘heartbroken’ after thieves steal over 1,000 bottles of Burgundy wine

Over 1,000 bottles of high-value Burgundy, including Clos de Vougeot, Vosne Romanee and Echezeaux, have been stolen from Domaine Forey.

The theft took place on the night of 9th May and saw 998 bottles, nine magnums and 43 jeroboams stolen from Domaine Forey’s warehouse. Domaine owner Regis Forey is said to be “heartbroken” over the loss of the wines, which have a market value of well over £100,000.

The domaine’s Hong Kong importer, L’Imperatrice, said in an Instagram post that it was not just the “economic damage” that was so awful but the, “the cost included in the work that went into making these wines along with the vision and patience to cellar them for over 20 years”.

L’Imperatrice has issued list of the missing wines and urges anyone approached by persons or companies offering these wines to get in touch with the authorities.


Researchers reveal personality traits that drive wine preference

Your wine preference says a lot about your personality type, according to new research from wine preservation system Coravin.

The study, which surveyed over 2,000 American adults, found that red wine drinkers are more likely to be introverts while white wine drinkers are likely to be extroverts.

It also revealed that white wine drinkers tend to be night owls with a preference for punk music, perfectionism and cats, while red wine fans are more adventurous early-risers who prefer dogs and jazz.

The report also found that, despite their differences, both red and white wine drinkers tend to consume around four glasses a week, and generally prefer to drink at home.

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