25 June 2020

Eight must-have products for enjoying wine al fresco


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Summer has finally arrived, and while it might not be the summer most of us had hoped for, there’s at least good weather on the horizon, meaning we can still enjoy the great British pastime of sunny al fresco drinking. Whether you’re lounging in your garden or heading to the park to meet friends, these products will keep you looking stylish and your wine ready for pouring.




1. Reusable wine tumblers

Leave the glass indoors and opt instead for these smart wine tumblers that have the look and feel of real crystal, while actually being made from a light, flexible, BPA-free polymer. A chunky bottom means they won’t tip easily, and they’re dishwasher safe, so they can be used again and again.




2. Corkcicle wine canteen

Triple-insulated in stainless steel, these 750ml canteens will keep cold drinks perfectly cool for up to 25 hours. No need to fuss with insulation bags or pre-chilling other equipment, just decant and go! These canteens – available in stylish copper, dark navy and a black and white marble effect – will hold a whole bottle of wine each, although there’s also a magnum option in black for those occasions when a single bottle won’t quite cut it.




3. Vinenco wine cooler stick

Forget traipsing back and forth to the kitchen for a chilled top-up, this handy cold stick will keep a whole bottle of white, sparkling or rose wine cool for up to two hours at time, so you can take the bottle outside with you no matter how warm it is. The stick also features a double lip decanting pourer, enabling perfect aeration and steady, drip-free dispensing.




4. Bottle and glass lawn stakes

Balancing a bottle of wine or wine glasses on grass is precarious at best, so eliminate the wobbly uncertainty with these clever holders. Made of stainless steel so they’ll stand the test of time, these spiral-shaped stakes can be easily inserted in the ground to hold glasses securely and prevent spills.




5. Portable wine glass

If you’re after maximum protection for your wine in the great outdoors, these tough lidded tumblers are a great choice. Again, there’s no danger of broken glass or spills, the floating stem design helps keep your wine at the ideal temperature without condensation, and the slide-action silicone lid keeps bugs at bay while making it easier to imbibe on the move. Available in four colours: red, pink, green and black.




6. Bottle-cooling table

This handy space-saving gadget is an attractive garden side table, bar and bottle cooler all in one. The table top rises up to reveal a sturdy, coated space that can be filled with ice to keep wine, beers and soft drinks ice-cold, all while providing a useful platform for preparing and resting drinks.




7. Wicker wine bottle holder

Forget the last-minute rummage for a plastic bag before heading out for an al fresco gathering, transport your wine in style with this smart-looking wicker basket. Made from high-grade willow, the basket is strong and sturdy enough to survive an afternoon in the elements, and attractive enough to store wine (or any other bottles) at home when it’s not being used.




8. Wine glass charms

Even intimate outdoor gatherings can become raucous affairs when a few bottles of wine are involved. These attractive wine charms fit neatly over the stem of your wine glass to help everyone keep tabs on whose glass is whose – very handy if you’ve got a couple of bottles on the go at once, and for identifying the rogue that leaves their glass in some obscure part of the garden!

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