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Eight wine podcasts for every kind of listener


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From short, light-hearted episodes to hard-hitting, investigative deep dives, there’s a podcast for every wine lover.

Podcasts are a great way to absorb some knowledge during our day-to-day activities – and for wine lovers they can be a brilliant gateway to information and titbits that might otherwise fly under your radar. Whether you’re in the car, doing the washing up or sat quietly with a glass of your favourite blend, there’s a wine podcast that’s a perfect fit for you.


Best for those looking for a no-fuss conversation about wine

Wine for Normal People

Designed for “people who like wine but not the snobbery that goes with it”, Wine for Normal People is an approachable podcast hosted by sommelier Elizabeth Schneider. Each 45-50 minute episode gives listeners insight into grape varieties and wine-growing regions, and includes laid-back interviews with industry experts that make the wine conversation accessible to everyone.


Best for those who want to learn about the people behind the wine

I’ll Drink to That!

I’ll Drink to That! sees former sommelier Levi Dalton interviewing well-known wine personalities from across the industry, covering the lives and experiences of winemakers, sommeliers, critics, wine writers and merchants. Each 60-minute episode takes listeners on a personal journey, and with close to 500 episodes available you’ll never be short of a story to delve into. 


Best for celebrity lovers

A Glass With…

Hosted by the ever-affable Olly Smith, A Glass With… sees Smith share a glass of wine with celebrity guests while chatting about their careers, current events and, most importantly, their own love of wine. Pop star P!nk made an appearance in the podcast’s early days back in 2017, and since then Smith has caught up with the likes of Dawn French, Marco Pierre White, Alex James, Trevor McDonald and Kylie Minogue in light-hearted 30-minute episodes.


Best for wine students and enthusiasts that want to build on their wine knowledge

Matthew’s World of Wine and Drink

A must-listen for anyone doing a formal qualification in wine – or those that want to take their understanding to the next level – Matthew’s World of Wine and Drink covers regions, grapes and styles in bitesize 15-20 minute episodes that align with Wine and Spirit Education (WSET) courses, where host Matthew Gaughan is a certified instructor.


Best for those big on the wine lifestyle

The Wine Enthusiast podcast

Wine Enthusiast has long been a go-to print and online resource for those that don’t just drink wine but live wine, and now a podcast has joined the fold. Covering everything from travel, cooking, entertainment and technology, each 30-40 minute episode helps listeners feel as if they’re catching up with like-minded friends and learning a lot in the process.


Best for serious wine chat

Guild of Sommeliers Podcast

Guided by GuildSomm president and master sommelier Geoff Kruth, this deeply informative podcast gives listeners a comprehensive exploration of all things wine, from blind tasting and oxidisation to distillation and harvesting. The podcast supports the study of wine certification programmes around the world, and while you don’t need to be a student to enjoy each 50-minute episode you might want to take notes anyway!


Best for those seeking diversity in the wine industry

The Swirl Suite

An entertaining, informative and approachable podcast by four Black women, Swirl Suite amplifies underrepresented voices in the wine industry and isn’t afraid to tackle challenging topics. Each episode (which can vary in length – some are up to 90 minutes long) sees Sarita Cheaves, Glynis Hill, Leslie Frelow, and Tanisha Townsend offer an eye-opening look at their own experiences through candid conversations with one another as well as other Black wine professionals.


Best for those seeking the culture and context of wine 

Grape Minds

Hosted by Julie Glenn and Gina Birch, this NPR podcast invites listeners to go behind the scenes of the wine world, exploring the stories, culture, and history of what’s in every glass. Each 20-30 minute episode interviews winemakers, talks with importers and digs into the issues and nuances of wine in the modern world while keeping things down to earth.

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