Bonneau du Martray   Corton Charlemagne

2018 Corton-Charlemagne

By Bonneau du Martray

2018 Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray, Burgundy, France

The very essence of Burgundian excellence, the 2018 Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray is a paragon of the vintage's transformative power. I have watched with keen interest as this storied domaine consistently interprets its limestone-rich patches of Pernand-Vergelesses and Aloxe-Corton with verve and precision.


A Vintage of Vitality and Vigour

The year 2018 will be remembered as one of Burgundy’s most sunlit seasons, a challenging yet rewarding scenario for winemakers. In such conditions, the risk for chardonnay is to swerve towards overripeness. However, the 2018 Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray achieves an iridescent balance—one which carries the winemaker’s deft touch and the vintage's generous climate in each glass.

On approach, the aromatic profile is enthrallingly complex, revealing layers upon opening. A palate frequented by titillating citrus blends seamlessly with richer tones of orchard fruits. The texture is one to revel in; it swathes the mouth with a creamy finesse that recalls the delicacy of fine cashmere.


Investment Worthy: A Testimony to Excellence

In admiring this maestro's work, it behoves the prudent investor to note how the 2018 vintage stands distinct from its brethren. Its harmonious structure and stunning concentration suggest a cellar-worthy treasure that promises further intrigue with age—a facet astute collectors recognise as quintessential for judicious wine investment.

As one uncovers the edifying joy found in each sip of 2018 Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray, it is clear that this particular expression possesses a tenor resonant with both immediacy and longevity. The wine's vibrant acidity provides an assured foundation for maturation. Herein lies a timeless addition to any connoisseur's portfolio, encapsulating the pinnacle of Burgundian craftsmanship interwoven with a year characterised by glorious sunshine.

For those seeking an unparalleled experience - a synthesis of expertise, terroir, and exceptional climatic conditions - aligning with the 2018 Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray would manifest as nothing short of vinous prudence.

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Revisited from bottle, the 2018 Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru has turned out very well indeed, unwinding in the glass with notes of crisp orchard fruit, fresh bread, orange oil and nutmeg. Medium to full-bodied, layered and elegantly satiny, it's deep and saline, concluding with fine grip on the finish. In this charming, demonstrative vintage, Bonneau du Martray has succeeded in producing a serious, age-worthy wine.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 14 January 2021

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