Domaine Leflaive   Bienvenues Batard Montrachet

1995 Bienvenues-Batard-Montrachet

By Domaine Leflaive

1990 Vosne les Genaivrieres from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

The 1990 vintage from Domaine Leroy has long been entrenched as a touchstone of excellence for connoisseurs and investors alike. Nestled within the hallowed precincts of Burgundy's Vosne-Romanée, the Vosne les Genaivrieres is a tapestry of vinous elegance that consistently captivates the senses.


Impeccable Provenance: A Portfolio Must-Have

The pedigree of Domaine Leroy in crafting illustrious red Burgundies finds profound expression in the 1990 Vosne les Genaivrieres. Under the deft craftsmanship of Lalou Bize-Leroy, this vintage emerged from climatic benevolence—a season that walked the fine line between the warm caress of summer and the crisp punctuation of an early autumnal close.


A Study in Poise and Complexity

Upon tasting, one is immediately beguiled by a nose emblematic of sophistication; a rich bouquet burgeoning with dark cherries entwined with a whisper of earthiness and a lattice of well-integrated oak. On the palate, the 1990 reveals its formidable structure—assured yet never brash—ushering a complex dance of ripe tannins and vibrant acidity in harmony with concentrated fruit flavours. A subtle hint of spice provides a finale that lingers with purposeful intent on the tongue.

The ageing potential of the 1990 Vosne les Genaivrieres has reached a splendid maturation yet promises further grace with time. For the astute investor, this wine is not merely an acquisition but an heirloom, capturing a moment in Burgundy’s tapestry that speaks directly to the heart of what makes this region’s wines a cornerstone of any serious portfolio.


A Personal Reflection

Embarking on thirty years since its inception, I have closely followed this particular vintage as it has journeyed from vibrant youth to seasoned maturity. The 1990 Vosne les Genaivrieres from Domaine Leroy stands as one of those rarefied experiences where time and terroir converge exquisitely. Its evolution serves as a testament to the conscientious stewardship at Domaine Leroy, marrying meticulous viticulture with astute barrel ageing to achieve an investment-worthy standard—one that will undoubtedly continue to thrive in both complexity and value.

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Displaying candied spices on the nose, the Bienvenue Batard Montrachet possesses a fat, oily, powerful mouth densely packed with intense toasted fruits and minerals. This extremely well-balanced, full-bodied wine should be held for a minimum of 4 years, and enthusiastically consumed over the subsequent decade. This note is the result of tastings I did in Burgundy between January 7 and January 29. Ratings with a range of scores in parentheses indicate the wine was tasted from cask, not bottle. The wines at the domaine are made by Meursault's Pierre Morey. I was impressed with the relationship he has with Madame Leflaive. The two openly share their thoughts, completely respecting each other's opinions. In most cellars there is an obviously dominant player, but at Domaine Leflaive it is a team effort. The wines spend on average 11 months in oak before being placed in stainless steel tanks for another 7 to 9 months (the Montrachet is never removed from oak). The domaine averaged 25 hectoliters/hectare in 1995 - less than 2 tons of fruit per acre. Importer: Frederick Wildman & Sons, New York, NY; tel (212) 355-0700.

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 24 April 1997

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