Domaine Leflaive   Bienvenues Batard Montrachet

1996 Bienvenues-Batard-Montrachet

By Domaine Leflaive

1995 Vosne les Genaivrieres from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

In the esteemed catalogue of Burgundian excellence, few wines ignite the collector’s ardour quite like those hewn from the storied slopes of Vosne-Romanée. The 1995 Vosne les Genaivrieres from Domaine Leroy encapsulates a vignette of mastery over the fickle Pinot Noir grape in a season that defied expectations.


An Epitome of Excellence: Investing in History

The illustrious Maison of Domaine Leroy requires scant introduction to the connoisseur, especially when discussing their feats in years like 1995—a vintage where the Vosne les Genaivrieres' tapestry is woven with an exceptional climatic narrative. The growing season of 1995 was marked by early worries due to spring frosts; however, a commendable summer ensued, delivering ripe, yet not overbearing fruit come harvest. It was this balance that has shaped the archival worthiness of such a wine.


Precise and Poised: A Vintage's Virtue

In the glass, this '95 vintage offers a nose redolent with vivacious red fruits, entwined with whispers of earthy undergrowth and deep-set spice—an aromatic echo of Vosne-Romanée's complex terroir. An allusion to its maturity is found in the subtle tertiary scents now emerging; truffle and cigar box which have begun to complement, not overwhelm, the core structure that is vivaciously retained.

On the palate, one discovers a symphony of precision—the tannins have evolved into a silken caress while affording ample support to a palate boasting cherries dusted with exotic spices. The admirable longevity of this wine’s finish is reflective of both Leroy's meticulous approach and the harmonious season that yielded these grapes.

As an investment piece, the 1995 Vosne les Genaivrieres from Domaine Leroy embodies an illustrious pedigree with steadfast maturation potential—fruit enriched by time but not yet eclipsed by it—a narrative arc that savvy investors seek out for both its current enjoyment and future promise.


In Conclusion: The Essence of Investment-Worthy Burgundy

The joy in revisiting mature wines with such storied provenance lies in discerning their evolutionary path—a path that the 1995 Vosne les Genaivrieres treads elegantly. For lovers and investors of fine wine alike, this bottle stirs intrigue as it stands witness to Burgundy's inimitable ability to unite challenging climates and viticultural artistry into a wine that promises continued grace with age.

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Although not quite as ethereal as the 1992, the 1996 Bienvenue Batard Montrachet does not disappoint, and at 18 years young, will continue to offer great pleasure for many years. It has a tangible mineral intensity, just a slight reduction that seems to blow away, followed by fabulous granitic scents that are stern and terse, almost aloof. The palate is underpinned by a killer line of acidity and wonderful salinity. Again, there is just a touch of reduction here, but that does not detract from a magnificent, majestic Bienvenue that is perhaps only just beginning to hits its stride.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 27 February 2015

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