Domaine Leflaive   Bienvenues Batard Montrachet

2000 Bienvenues-Batard-Montrachet

By Domaine Leflaive

1999 Vosne les Genaivrieres from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

The 1999 vintage in Burgundy was one that conjured both anticipation and admiration among oenophiles and investors alike. Amongst the stars of this harvest stands the 1999 Vosne les Genaivrieres from Domaine Leroy— a prime illustration of Pinot Noir's intricate dance with Vosne-Romanée's prestigious terroir.


A Vintage Infused with Elegance and Vitality

The gentle balance of richness and vibrancy seen in the 1999 Vosne les Genaivrieres is a testament to the superb craftsmanship innate to Domaine Leroy. The year was characterised by favourable climatic conditions which laid the foundation for near-perfect ripening. This allowed for a nuanced synergy between the earthy complexity and ripe fruit expected from a top tier Burgundian gem.


Wine Investment and Legacy

As an indelible option for fine wine investors, this particular expression offers a tangible study in longevity and grace—an all-too-necessary underscore in any robust portfolio. The laudable winemaking philosophy of Domaine Leroy marries tradition with meticulous viticulture, casting an enduring legacy into each bottle.


Deciphering the Demeanour of 1999

The palate is at once lavish and structured; a cavalcade of dark cherry, delicate violets, and subtle spices play off against each other, lingering on the tongue with refined poise. The tannins have evolved into a tapestry of silk—an achievement that garners respect and covetous glances from collectors seeking out mature wines with finesse.

Indeed, time has been kind to the 1999 Vosne les Genaivrieres, revealing layers of aromatics and complexities that were only hinted at during its youth. Relishing its recent entrance into the pantheon of vintage nobility, it holds a mirror up to its bucolic yet grandiose Cote d'Or cradle.

In conclusion, the 1999 Vosne les Genaivrieres from Domaine Leroy presents itself as an enduring jewel—a crucial reference point for those tracing the arc of exceptional Burgundian vintages. It exemplifies investment-worthy viticulture coupled with an ageing potential that is starting to unfold its most complex chapter yet—a narrativ e to be pondered over each savoured sip.

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Produced from 45-year-old vines (the oldest of the estate), the 2000 Bienvenue-Batard-Montrachet sports a sexy, tropical fruit-scented nose. This is an extravagant wine with a broad, hugely intense flavor profile, packed with spices, minerals, and toasted oak. It is exuberant, crammed with fruit, and long. Anticipated maturity: now-2010. Importer: Wilson-Daniels, St. Helena, CA; tel. (707) 963-9661

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 20 December 2001

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