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2011 Bienvenues-Batard-Montrachet

By Domaine Leflaive

2010 Vosne Les Genaivrieres from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

The 2010 vintage in Burgundy undeniably signposted a year of elegance and precision, attributes that are resoundingly echoed in the 2010 Vosne Les Genaivrieres from Domaine Leroy. This esteemed producer, recognised for its uncompromising commitment to quality, has fostered yet another compelling wine that speaks of its pedigree.


Quintessential Vintage, Quintessential Quality

The season's conducive climatic conditions—a harmonious blend of timely rain and ample sunshine—nurtured the Pinot Noir grapes to a state of near-perfection. The resulting 2010 Vosne Les Genaivrieres is a direct testament to the meticulous viticulture and astute barrel aging practices at Domaine Leroy.


A Symphony of Terroir and Talent

In the glass, the wine mesmerises with a vivid ruby hue that projects the vibrancy of its youth, despite a decade of maturation. The nose is an intricate mosaic of red and black cherries entwined with hints of exotic spices and an earthy undertone distinctive to the terroir of Vosne-Romanée. One is also greeted by whispers of violet florals that lead seamlessly into a palate where subtlety and intensity conduct an exquisite symphony.

On the tongue, layers unfold with majestic complexity—silken tannins guide a textural finesse while preserving a muscular structure that promises longevity. The finish lingers, an ode to the exceptional harvest that was 2010, leaving behind traces of cassis and truffle, a signature of Domaine Leroy's master craft.

Investors with an eye for wines that marry collectability with consummate drinkability should regard the 2010 Vosne Les Genaivrieres as a notable addition to their portfolios—an investment in one of Burgundy's finest assets from a standout vintage.

Regaling your senses with its elegance today, or allowing its potential to unfurl further over time, this wine pledges both immediate satisfaction and future reward—a harmonious embodiment of its time and place, suitable for the most discerning aficionado.

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